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  1. if you could diagnose an ACL tear from your living room perhaps if you bend over and squint hard enough you might be able to see whether Zach's practicing with the team today
  2. Pretty sure he likes Pinnock signing with his Giants.
  3. JIC, I'll start the online petition to get Tony to change his number to 33.
  4. Pretty sure that was in reference to off season cuts before yesterday's big cut down. They've had four guys they've waived get picked up else where.
  5. At the game. So glad Saleh decided to sit our starters because we ‘won’ practice. No worries - we’re 6-27 in our last two seasons.
  6. Clemons looked like a player. The guy hustles. Ruckert was manhandling defenders.. albeit 3rd stringers- but the kid can block. Breece looked quick when he had room to run. Sauce didn't appear to get targeted, but also looked like we were playing more zone in the first quarter?
  7. Thank god. Now we can get back to worrying about why he overthrew Garrett Wilson by 10 yards on a 5 yard out, or how he telegraphed that INT right into the LB's hands.
  8. I could be 100% wrong but let’s not assume ACL. Didn’t look great but Zach also didn’t realize any issues until he stood up. ACLs are usually not like that
  9. He’s going for a MRI regardless. Those take some time
  10. First preseason game, eh? Means nothing
  11. I wouldn’t be shocked with this team but don’t think it’s an ACL..
  12. There’s usually a pop when you tear your ACL.. loud enough you know somethings wrong and you don’t get up. Hoping it’s a ‘sprain’ and not a complete tear at this point but knowing this franchise…
  13. Danny Woodhead. But doesn't matter. we're keeping LaMical Perine
  14. The Jets are a playoff contender.
  15. A yearbook and a schedule magnet. 1st class organization all the way.
  16. First one was the worst. Doctor had to pop it back in. Hurt more going back. Years of subluxations caused so much damage the pain actually wasn’t horrible. But my knee would swell and be sore for days. But I got to the point I couldn’t do any athletic activity without it being in the back of my mind. Finally had it corrected 7 years ago and knock on wood no issues since .. the question to have surgery after the first one is tough. Most doctors would vote against it- especially if it was a freak accident. I mean look at Mahomes. But if the reports are accurate Bectons in trouble.
  17. Was just going to post this about the injury. I dealt with patella dislocations for 20 years. Once they happen they likelihood of reoccurrence is high. His toe got caught, he twisted and his patella jumped out of its groove which is why he fell. The fracture is from the dislocation. With a second dislocation he’s going to need surgery. He’s done for 2022
  18. He may be horrible, but I have a soft spot for Joe.. Listening to him in the late 90s on the overnight after Jets games was the first time I heard a true passionate Jets fan hosting on the radio. Not some condescending ass mocking us- he was with us. He probably went downhill and had bad takes and his schtick gets old I'm sure - just a guess, I haven't listened in 20 years- but he's a fan first. And I'll appreciate that.
  19. Night and day to just two seasons ago. Make it: Herbig Bawden or Wesco - not both S Thomas M Harris
  20. I know the last 10 years have scarred us all, but we're allowed to have cheap, quality depth on the roster. I can perhaps see Mims just because he's seemingly fallen out of favor with the coaching staff, but given all the injuries we've sustained over the past few years, wouldn't you rather have a guy who can step up in 2022 over a future draft pick? I don't know.. I'm ready to start winning some games.
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