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  1. I used to have a lot of respect for GJ&H, but he went downhill fast after he became mod. Between his ridiculous political threads and his epic blowhard football posts (made all pretty with the use of different fonts, colors, italics, and bold letters), the guy was in severe need of attention. The revealing of his PMs to Kleck was the final straw.
  2. since when did album sales equal quality? I like PJ, I really do- even saw Vedder solo this summer... but take away their longevity and to me they dont match up to Nirvana or AIC. but i already know there's no convincing you of that, and that's okay.
  3. tear drop tattoos are neat!
  4. oh no u dinnit.. eddie vedder is soley responsible for Nickelback and Creed. For that reason alone, PJ towards the bottom of the early 90s alt-rock totem pole.. just above STP
  5. well now.. do you really want to spend the day talking about the jets loss to the raiders?personally, i'd rather singe my ball hair with a lighter.
  6. i should totally change my name to Kurdt Kobane so that we can have a battle of the grunge.. or maybe just a grunge-off.
  7. i'm interested to see how this turns out.
  8. are you trying to tell me that every time they put Brad Smith in motion that you knew they were running the ball behind him? because i totally didn't pick up on that until the 544th time they did it.
  9. no one cares about his emotion after we whip Arizona or Cinny.. what i'm trying to get at is this - yeah, it would be great if the team showed a little more fire on the field, but if we were actually prepared week in and week out and started winning, who would care if the team had a workman's like approach?
  10. to be fair, many of us thought this act was cute in 2006 when we were winning. i could give a ****e about his 'emotion'.. just get the team ready to play on sunday- that's all i ask.
  11. if you were really hardcore, you would had changed your user name to 'ed mueller'
  12. no doubt that you cropped out the rest of this photo, which has him squating down, pants around his ankles, dropping a deuce.
  13. I never realized how much of a sausage fest was over at JI until i signed up here.. until now i just thought that the ladies didn't enjoy talkin jets football on the interwebz..
  14. how many times were you banned? at least like 15, right?
  15. it's only day 1.. give it time.
  16. nah, he enjoys being JI's resident douche. he's the one Jets fan that made me side with you on more than one occasion, as dirty as if felt.
  17. i was thinking the same thing - saw his post game analysis thread on JI this morning which reconfirmed his status as my fav football related poster.
  18. i'd take a sack over a forced Favre INT any day of the week... well, i guess as long as he doesn't fumble or get hurt in the process. I think our offense needs Clowney, now. With no one spreading the field, it seems our WRs are having a tough time getting opened underneath..
  19. hey, sometimes i wish i had Mangini's man boobs.. i'd oil those suckers up and never leave the house!
  20. will you be continuing your rivalry with JR128 over here? if so, hold on while I grab the popcorn..
  21. or apparently, a dude sandwich for Borgo.
  22. Chalk it up the Raiders having 2 great CBs and Coles/Cotch inability to get seperation. I'm actually surprised Favre didn't attempt to force more balls their way, even with them blanketed most of the game.
  23. can we go 7-3 the rest of the way? we've got the talent, no doubt, but Mangini and co. need to get their heads out of their arses. NOW.
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