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  1. agreed. the sad thing about last week, was who the F do the Raiders have that we were worried about beating us? Johnny Lee Higgins? Javon Walker? Roll the dice and blitz the hell out of the QB... otherwise, what will be the over/under on passes Gonzelez catches- 8? 9?
  2. The reason some of us still think Mangini is a good football coach is because next to Herm's Jets, our current team actually appears somewhat prepared.. not to mention can run a 2 minute drill and call time outs at appropriate places in the game.
  3. can i lick ya like a lollipop?
  4. it used to, but eventually you make decent enough $$ to survive. Plus, I mooch off of my wife. Getting married was key for benefits and insurance.
  5. One time I started a thread expressing my excitement over the Jets getting a new stadium in NJ. Sooth replied, saying he'd sell the site if the Jets betrayed him and didn't come back to NY.
  6. From top to bottom this is the most talent the Jets have had on their roster since Parcells left. While I'd like to improve the quality of depth on our OL, and finally find a safety to start over Smith, you really can't complain.
  7. I never thought much of Brad Smith, but it was good to finally see him catch a few on Sunday.. however with Cotch and Coles both hurting, we need Clowney to suit up this weekend..otherwise our playmakers will be extremely lacking.
  8. better hope he's back by Buffalo. he's been our best OL this year.
  9. solid post. Two reasons why we lost this game, plain and simple - 1. adjustments in play calling on both offense and defense 2. we out mistaked the Oakland Raiders (something that is very hard to do) For the first time in a long time our running game looked unstoppable, yet not only did we get away from it during long stretches, but we never even attempted to set up our passing game with some playaction. It was pretty obvious the Raiders CBs were holding Coles and Cotch in check, and that Favre just isnt confortable enough in this offense to make plays when he's feeling the pressure - he definitely still lacks a go to guy. A little playaction or even a few screen passes could had countered the Raiders attack D pretty nicely. People will claim our defense played great, and that giving up 16 is no sin, but to the Raiders, I disagree. We did do a lot better shutting down the run than i thought - Fargas and McFadden are solid, but were essentially non factors. My problem with our defensive game plan was that we allowed Russell to sit back and attempt high % passes. Russell is a mistake prone, erratic CB, yet we didn't force him into any big mistakes, or worse yet, even seem to want to. Instead, Sutton was content on rushing 4 and laying back.
  10. +1 beat me to it. i've been around long enough to remember GG and Garb over at JI back in the day, and i've got to say that most of us coming over here just want a place to talk jets football and 'pal around' with other jets fans... even Jets Babe. Hey, i realize with a user name like that she might come across as wanting attention (even i thought as much at first when she first came over to JI) but over time you'll see that she, like most of our other transplants are pretty knowledgable JETS fans, just like everyone here..
  11. Yep. Usually I stayed clear of any drama on a football message board, but over time JI wore me down. Mods, well Mod, lost his bearings, there was definite double standards of acceptable behavior, and the once an hour bannings were ridiculous. I never even got banned myself, and i was away from the computer when the lattest round of poopy hit the fan on Sunday, but when I logged on Monday morning, saw the ghost town, and got the scoop, the choice was obvious.
  12. ha.. i did the same exact thing a few years back, but never ended up taking the test.. was definitely contemplating law school for awhile, but then i figured i'd miss the 'excitement' over not knowing where my next meal was coming from that comes with freelance teevee.
  13. i only caught it when it was on network TV.. great show though -almost makes me want to order showtime
  14. I used to have a lot of respect for GJ&H, but he went downhill fast after he became mod. Between his ridiculous political threads and his epic blowhard football posts (made all pretty with the use of different fonts, colors, italics, and bold letters), the guy was in severe need of attention. The revealing of his PMs to Kleck was the final straw.
  15. since when did album sales equal quality? I like PJ, I really do- even saw Vedder solo this summer... but take away their longevity and to me they dont match up to Nirvana or AIC. but i already know there's no convincing you of that, and that's okay.
  16. tear drop tattoos are neat!
  17. oh no u dinnit.. eddie vedder is soley responsible for Nickelback and Creed. For that reason alone, PJ towards the bottom of the early 90s alt-rock totem pole.. just above STP
  18. well now.. do you really want to spend the day talking about the jets loss to the raiders?personally, i'd rather singe my ball hair with a lighter.
  19. i should totally change my name to Kurdt Kobane so that we can have a battle of the grunge.. or maybe just a grunge-off.
  20. i'm interested to see how this turns out.
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