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  1. Come on Sheldon.. what are you trying to do?
  2. Cumberland can't block one guy, let alone two.
  3. There was ZERO reason for the Jets to extend Wilk until this offseason. The Jets had all the leverage with his contract, and still control him for 2 more seasons. That being said, I'd be shocked if they dont get something done before 2015. Snacks will be tendered as a 2nd round comp this offseason. If I'm Idzik, I attempt to lock him up. Coples doesn't have the stats or the big plays to warrant a big contract. I still think he's going to end up a solid NFL player, but he's not going to get a huge deal, even in free agency (unless the new HC actually plays him on the DL next year and he ends up with 10+ sacks)
  4. I don't know. I think I like Idzik more than I do the fans behind this campaign
  5. Unfortunately I don't see how we lose this game. Minnys wrs scare no one, the jets will stop the run, and you figure even with a few geno ints and a blocked punt or two, the offense will still put up about 20
  6. How so? I put my tickets up for sale at jet site message boards, ny craigslist and nfl ticket exchange.. I'm supposed to eat the tickets because the team is so bad that no jets fans want them? Please explain
  7. I thought the punting team became the defense once the ball was kicked, so unless the player is an eligible wr, how could it be a hold?
  8. Lolz. You spent the last month jerking off Sooth on the JI board before they banned you. Nice try.
  9. Rex on the lack of pass attempts: "This isn't due to a lack of faith in our QB"
  10. Rex selling his game plan with a straight face at the press conference.
  12. Are you telling me Geno Smith can't read defenses?
  13. we're only going to be down 3. 45 yards rushing in two minutes. no problem.
  14. worried that if the Jets get the ball back with 2 minutes left, that's enough time to run it 10 times to get into fg range
  15. Babin looks sexy in pass coverage. not too bad for a 43 year old
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