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  1. Then why trade him? You mention so we can pay a qb.. But who? No top line qbs escape via FA anymore and you no longer have to mortgage your future when you're drafting in the top 10 The cost of the DL won't be an issue until 2017 which Richardson's up for his deal.. But if you have a good gm, there are easy ways to structure deals that won't kill the cap
  2. I threw up in my mouth once I realized that he was the one who used a first round pick on Tim tebow
  3. Well considering that Harris and Vick are both free agents, and that waiting until this offseason wasn't a bad move regarding Wilk's team friendly contract, my three are... 1. Begin watching tape of very and any qb who might be available this offseason whether via fa or trade. I'd like to see two new guys to be brought in 2. Determine an offensive identity. What do they want to do and do players like Harvin, CJ or even Ivory have a place? 3.Evaluate the bottom of the roster. We've seen some flashes from guys like IK, Williams, Salas, and Owuna. Do these guys have a future with the team
  4. Can you name these 25 "true" #1 WRs?
  5. stop with the factz! they hurt my tiny brain!
  6. well, if you're just going to change the subject once you've been disproven, instead of admitting that you're talking out your ass, there's not much to really discuss
  7. Before today, Miami was the 4th ranked passing defense in the league.
  8. Nope. I don't think Geno is a good NFL QB. But he was worth a 2nd round flier for a team that only had Butt Fumble on the roster at the position at the time.
  9. I don't disagree. Just pointing out that not everything Idzik has touched has turned to sh*t. I'd put just as much blame on the coaching staff as the roster for this year. I won't mind at all when both are shown the door, but this 'poor Rex' bullsh*t got old in 2012.
  10. Idzik's QB just threw for 358/3tds and his top FA pickup caught 10 balls for 220. Is that Idzik's fault they haven't done anything like that all seaon, or is it the coaching? I tend to think it may be the coaching.
  11. gawd.. even Ray Lucas is slurping the Rexorade
  12. weren't you on Rex's cock as recently as Thanksgiving over on JI?
  13. I can't wait to see the Woody/Rex locker room long, tender embrace
  14. These announcers make me want to smoke crack.
  15. Looks like Rex's final move will be attempting to get Geno injured running the ball up by 10 and Miami having no timeouts.
  16. Nice that Harris goes out with a sack. I always thought he was under appreciated around some parts. So where are we drafting.. 6th?
  17. They only quit on him early and mid season, particularly after bye weeks
  18. and they have to use a timeout.. but let's have the next GM decide.
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