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  1. Another Helmet to helmet non call. But sure. Throw a flag on The jets
  2. Hey now. They called a flag against Denver 26 minutes until the game.
  3. Got to switch up the play calling here. Quick routes. Get the ball into the WRs hands. Anytime Zach has dropped back has been a disaster.
  4. Coaching staff needs to scheme some quick easy completions for Zach. Obvious he can’t drop back and find an open WR at this point
  5. He also represents Robby Anderson… who just forced his way out of Carolina.
  6. So Moore and Robby Andersen have the same agent?
  7. So what's going on here? First Mims. Now Moore. Do we do a bad job at scouting and end up with malcontents? Is it the offensive system and play calling? An inflexibility in the coaching staff? Does Zach shoulder some blame? Albeit for as much as Flacco was throwing Moore wasn't putting up numbers this year. And Mims has never put up numbers. It's not a good look and something Saleh needs to get to the bottom of asap.
  8. Can’t tell if SDs DL is really good or if Denver’s OL is really bad. Russ is getting crushed.
  9. Hope it’s not quite that bad but I feel the same. Jets get down quick and can’t recover. Can’t stop the run. Zach makes a few Zach plays. Rodgers finds the open WR. hoping for a strong performance and for the coaching staff to show up today. We have the talent but I don’t have faith in the guys calling the plays.
  10. Another knee dislocation. Hardly good news. Best case scenario is that this was a 'freak' injury and no future procedure is needed, but as we just witnessed with Becton, once you dislocate a knee, re-injury is a real possibility.
  11. What was Mosley doing out there on the last play of the game in a Hail Mary situation? That made zero sense.
  12. Drafted as a G. Switched to C to take over for Joe Fields. Sweeney held together a line made of Swiss cheese in the late 80s. RIP Jim. Too young.
  13. shuler82


    So did the game end at 3:08 or did we miss anything?
  14. First time since 2017 we've been 2-2 at this point.
  15. I’m in Italy for the big 15th wedding anniversary and just realized my NFL+ account is worthless over seas.. even for a replay. Anyone know how to watch the game from Europe?
  16. We all did. If you’re on this site posting about this team, there’s nothing fair weather about you. We’ve all been through some sh*t and congrats to all. What a win…
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