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  1. we're only going to be down 3. 45 yards rushing in two minutes. no problem.
  2. worried that if the Jets get the ball back with 2 minutes left, that's enough time to run it 10 times to get into fg range
  3. Babin looks sexy in pass coverage. not too bad for a 43 year old
  4. shocked that on a 3rd and 7 they couldnt get the ball thrown.
  5. My only solace is that the Jets defense is sure to give up a game tying/winning drive
  6. Yeah Connor.. who says Rexy dont know talent?
  7. Good to see Geno gettings some running yards of his own
  8. Run 2 yards Run 0 yards Pass wildly incomplete. just a wild guess.
  9. I guess Ivory didn't get the message about draft position.. but nice job by Geno trying to give the game away! expect a 3rd down run here
  10. Maybe next they can interview Weed Ewbank from the grave
  11. lolz geno and the ol. there we go cumberland on wake.. there's a great plan
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