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  1. Run 2 yards Run 0 yards Pass wildly incomplete. just a wild guess.
  2. I guess Ivory didn't get the message about draft position.. but nice job by Geno trying to give the game away! expect a 3rd down run here
  3. Maybe next they can interview Weed Ewbank from the grave
  4. lolz geno and the ol. there we go cumberland on wake.. there's a great plan
  5. I think Geno's going to hit 50 yards passing by the end of the quarter
  6. Suffield caught a pass. of course he was wide open and it still took geno 10 seconds to find him
  7. Leon Hess in the ring of honor. Guess Woody gets in by 2016?
  8. how many lazy references to OBJs catch are we going to have to hear for the remainder of this season? I think I've heard about 5 this weekend alone.
  9. By ignoring that he drafted Milliner & McDougle while hyping up Cromartie as if he wasn't one of the five worst CBs in the league last year. Amazing how clear hindsight is.
  10. Okay! Less than 4 minutes left in the half? Time for the Jets D to fold on a Miami scoring drive... like clockwork
  11. 200 yards rushing with 5 minutes left in the half. if i'm Miami, i pull my CBs off the field.
  12. imagine a world where the jets took a play action shot down the field on a 1st down after 14 runs out of 15 plays? then again, i guess geno would have to know how to play fake for that to happen
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