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  1. He should be at the OTAs. It's obviously not required, but given his last 12 months, he should be there. He's not the first NFL player to have a baby. I understand being there for the birth and the immediate aftermath, but after a week or so have your family members pitch in, maybe even spend a little of that 1st round rookie contract on a nanny to give mom all the help she needs, and get your butt to camp. Neither the birth or OTAs were a surprise. He had time to figure it out. As for Saleh, the excuses and dismissals are concerning. Hopefully what he's saying behind doors is different than what's being said to the press.
  2. do you think she gave him a woody johnson?
  3. He's my neighbor. I'll go let him know your concerns once the rain dies down.
  4. Finally got it a few weeks ago after going to.. drumroll… Florida. first week had a sore throat, dizzy spells and back pain. Started feeling better by day 4/5 and thought it was over. Then a few days later the migraine headaches kicked in and felt extremely lethargic- slept 12+ hours multiple nights. Developed a cough after 10 days tested positive for two straight weeks with symptoms. Wasn’t the worst sickness I’ve had but wasn’t fun. Rest up and hope you have a speedy recovery
  5. This Twitter account is garbage. Just throws BS out there and never hits.
  6. Ffs. You listen to his podcast on your own free will?
  7. All of you pansy asses crying that the schedule is too hard. This ain’t the 2020 Jets- this team is going to be competitive and fun to watch. Can’t wait to surprise the league this year.
  8. I like it. Jets are a huge unknown coming into 2022. A lot of new talent which don’t be on tape. Maybe we surprise Baltimore and steal a W
  9. This is the offseason - we don't settle!
  10. There’s no chance the NFL is putting Jets/Pats week 1 SNF. Especially with all the trades and storylines emerging league wide from the off-season. This is the work of some mouth breathing basement dweller who noticed week 1 is 9/11 and made the laziest, most obvious leak imaginable.
  11. Wilson was bad last year. Really bad. If he suited up in any other uniform we'd be laughing at him. The idea that he got 'better' as the season went on is only a narrative because he was so bad before he got hurt. Skipping screen pass bad. Throwing into triple coverage bad. Sure he stopped turning the ball over, and even hit a screen pass or two, but the big plays disappeared too. Blame his supporting cast, blame the coaching, blame Mike White. Kid was worse than we feared on draft night. Now, will I be waiving #2 green and white poms poms all summer and fall for Zach? Absolutely. He has the physical tools and is the best hope we've had under center since a pre 2002 wildcard game Chad Pennington. But this offseason revisionist 'deep' dive into last season's film is bs. What matters is how he shows up in 2022.
  12. Was expecting some anti-Jets pompous bs given this quote but King was actually pretty complimentary of Douglas and his process in the article
  13. I’d like to see vet depth added at OT, DT, and WR. While I’m happy the FO showed faith in Becton on draft day, we need insurance and counting on a 4th round rookie, Edoga or McDermott is a bad move. Unless Rankins bounces back this year, we’re thin at DT. Counting Q, JFM, Thomas and Marshall. With the way Saleh rotates DL that’s not enough. I’ve been a supporter of Mims, but with the way last year went down you can’t trust the dude heading into camp. ( Yeah yeah, off-season reports/ they mean sh*t.) Love the top 3, and Berrios has his role, but would love to see someone not named Jeff Smith or DJ Montgomery push Mims for the job. Safety I think we’re okay. I’m intrigued by Pinnock - he played well at the end of the year, and with him, Joyner and Davis battling it out, May the best man win. As far as LB, aside for a camp injury, I think the coaching staff likes 2021’s draft picks as depth and from all accounts love Quincy. Would be surprised to see someone added here.
  14. 2023 looks like it's back to a regular draft. Hopefully without a top ten pick. It's almost a shame we've run out of first round Mac picks to trade away.
  15. Looking back at last year's roster coming out of camp, we had 6 DTs and only 3 edge. Granted, our talent at edge was significantly lighter, but given my thoughts above only have us carrying JFM/Q/Marshall, Thomas, I've got to think they keep at least 5 - so Rankins or Sheppard make the final cut. Not sure whether this means one less at edge, or we just carry my DL in 2022.
  16. Safe (7) Q, JFM, Lawson, JJ, Clemons, Marshall. Martin The starting four, recent draft picks, and a 2022 FA signing Cap causality(?): Rankins saves $5M if cut. Can see this happening if Marshall and Thomas have solid camps and Rankins doesn't show more than he did last year. Bubble (4) Huff, Curry, Sheppard, Thomas - Huff might be the odd man out with four edge guys in front of him. Curry, Sheppard and Thomas were all signed to one year deals and can be cut with little cap hit. I can see keeping Curry and Thomas if Rankins doesn't return to his pre-2021 form.
  17. Ok.. The NFL network is straight trolling us. No way going to commercial every time the Jets are on the clock is a coincidence at this point. Someone in the control room is laughing.
  18. Jones makes a lot of sense v with all the RB and LB options still on the board
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