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  1. Wasn’t this already a fake thing with Jamal and another player earlier this off-season?
  2. Pretty sure this is a fake account.
  3. Not bad. But where’s your embedded homemade draft video with a misleading tabloid headline in order to draw clicks?
  4. At least the dude isn’t some rumor mill tweet factory. Seems like a legit fan who may have a few random connections. Not holding my breath here but guy has no reason to make it up either
  5. Much better job naming this thread. It almost makes me think about watching your video.
  6. Seriously. Wtf. I’m all for a good old fashioned ‘hey guys look at the video I madezzz’ attention post as much as anyone but next time he may want to change its title to something more honest like ‘click on my video. Never mind I have no sources and just speculate out my butthole but that’s gotta be worth a click, right man?’
  7. Right there with you. '85 was the first team I remember. (was watching with my father before that but too young to have memories). I still recall not sticking around in overtime for the Browns first FG attempt. Ran up to my room, probably close to tears, and then heard my dad celebrating downstairs. Didn't stick around to watch the 2nd one either, but this time there was only silence. My son is now around the same age as I was in '86. Been watching with me since end of 2019. Kid's a trooper dealing with this sh*t franchise and turning up every weekend still excited only to watch them lose.
  8. Didn't Tomlinson make the pro bowl last year? Make that 1 out of 81.
  9. Assuming this is 60 minutes of Antonio Brown running around without his uniform on?
  10. Totally. If we don't, we'll be completely screwed when the Chiefs trade up into the top 10 to take the only WR in the draft.
  11. What's not to love? The mysterious thread title? The selection of the 5th best WR at #4 overall? The refusal to commit to any other specific player the Jets might draft in 2022 despite the aforementioned thread title? Or perhaps the idea that late round picks will need to be coached up? Might want to sticky this one.
  12. So.. Seattle isn't listening to offers from any team. Seattle 'knows' the Jets would offer the 10th pick if the Jets actually made said offer. Narrative: Jets fail again!
  13. It's a spot where they can improve no doubt. but I'm not sure I'd call CB a need at this point. That said, obviously Gardner gets penciled in as your #1 if he's drafted, and the CB room is better as a whole. Personally, I'd rather see them address edge and WR in the first, baring any rumored trades coming to fruition. I think having Berrios as the #3 and Lawson as your only true starting edge rusher are bigger needs to address. Unless Gardner is heads and shoulders above the DL/WR prospects available to us, that's where I'd probably go.
  14. That's cute, but simplistic. We were told we got the best player in the draft with Leo Williams, Jamal Adams and Quinnen Williams. Most of this board was stroking Big Mac's coffee cups after each of those selections. I think the OP presents a valid point. Are the Jets a better team picking a CB and having Hall and Echols on the bench, or are they better off filling a more pressing position of need with a top rated player?
  15. A non Jets fan is bored reading about who the Jets might draft. go figure.
  16. Nobody disagrees on the OL situation. They need another OT. But using a high first round pick on a guy that the Jets hope will be a backup or a potential 2023 starter is dumb. if they like Fant, extend the guy already. Becton is a question mark, but as of today he’s a question mark at RT. Draft a tackle in the 3rd or 4th as insurance, extend Fant, and we’re covered for 2022 and beyond.
  17. So we need to draft a run stopper high in the draft to replace a run stuffer we drafted in the 6th round.. and didn’t do a good job stopping the run in Saleh’s system. No doubt they’ll draft a DT somewhere since Saleh needs 18 DL but when they draft an edge high and JFM bounces inside that gives you a decent starting lineup of 1st rounder/ JFM/ Q/ Lawson
  18. Yeah but is it as great as this ?
  19. nope. They're offset by your own FA signings, and we have a bunch
  20. Tennessee doesn't have a $50 million dollar QB and can afford to keep AJ if they choose to. (Although checking the #s, Tannenhill's 2022 and 2023 #s are insane) .. They've brought in Woods to replace Julio, annd AJ has shown no indications of wanting to leave the Titans. This is just some Cimini BS to drive clicks.
  21. I guess he enjoys the warmer weather for beating his wife and kid.
  22. 1) Jermaine Johnson - seems to be a complete player with a good motor and the production last season to match 2) Ahmad Gardner - probably going to be a great player and would help solidify the backfield, but I'm ready to shank the next full grown man who refers to him as 'Sauce'. If he didn't have the nickname, half of this board would have no clue who he was.
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