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  1. The lesson in 2022 is that the cap doesn't matter nearly as much as most of us assumed. If you don't give out bad contracts, and have a savvy GM, you can almost always manipulate your cap situation so that it's a non issue. Jets fans like cap space because it creates optimism and hope every offseason that this will be the year that we will finally be able to improve. But having so much cap space year after year is the result of not having enough homegrown players worth paying. I do think there's a big difference in spending to spend, and building a roster. The problem I have is that building a roster and using the majority of cap space should go hand in hand, yet it always feels like the Jets end up sitting every year on a pile of money while fielding a mediocre (at best) squad).
  2. Off the top of my head.. Atlanta? Doing a quick depth chart search - Green Bay (Lazzard/Cobb/ some dude named Taylor) Houston (Cooks/ Nico Collins/Conley) Bears (Mooney/ Pringle/ St Brown) That's all I've got. JD needed to get a #1 this off season. He failed. Right now our WR room is a huge downgrade from a year ago. I really think we need to double dip at WR. One in the first and another in the 3rd or 4th. Not ideal to rely on rookies, but we can't go into the season relying on Davis or Moore to stay healthy or Mims to show up.
  3. Nah, it's just a dumb thing that gets posted around here anytime they want to make fun of JD. A guy looking down at his phone is always good for a laugh.
  4. Any smokescreen that the Jets won't be drafting a WR in the 1st round just got blown up.
  5. That was a fun hour. Now we get to face off against this a$$hole two times a year.
  6. The packages are similar. KC is letting Hill choose where he wants to go.
  7. Dolphins and Jets. Feels like the Chiefs are trying to scare Tyreek into taking less money.
  8. From the last three years of JD, I can't see how this is in anyway true. That said, mixed feelings on it. I don't give a crap about the $$$. Plenty of other teams have shown the cap is a farce. We need major help at WR and Hill is elite. But he's an a$$hole. No way are we giving up two #1s in any deal. Nor should we.
  9. If the Jets think they need to use another first round pick on an OL, that’s pretty much worst case scenario. To spend back to back 1s and still need 1st round help? Absurd. if they are weary with Becton, draft a RT in the 3rd to give him competition.. and we need the depth anyway. But not top 10. Edge and WR. Big play guys on both sides of the ball at two positions where we need help.
  10. HAS to be a conditional 6th..... right?
  11. And that's the crazy thing. ALMOST feeling optimistic. Grab an EDGE/WR in RD 1. Go DL/OL (or maybe LB) in RD 2. RD 3 grab your TE2. RD 4/5 - RB/LB/OL All still depends on Zach, but this has a chance to be a real young, up & coming football team
  12. Bellichek is sending Mason on a kamikaze mission to get Brady destroyed.
  13. No. 2: New Orleans → Oakland (PD). New Orleans traded its first- and sixth-round selections (2nd and 166th) to Oakland in exchange for Oakland's first-, second- and fourth-round selections (10th, 39th and 107th) and WR Daryl Hobbs.
  14. You’d think people would know how Twitter works by now
  15. Sweet. This means his career can end on the ground clutching his knee like he deserves
  16. Not saying I want Watson at this point, but the Saints who are about three billion over the cap made Houston a trade offer. Its weird how the Jets seem to be among the few teams that pretends the cap is an issue to improving their team
  17. this penny pincher sh*t wasn't funny the first 200 times you've posted it.
  18. If the team is comfortable with Fant at LT, they should lock him up long term. This also means Becton is now an RT. No need to spend high draft capital or free agent $$ on a starting OT. Sign a swing guy, draft an OT in the 3rd or 4th in case Becton is a head case, and shore up the OL by bringing in a veteran upgrade at OG.
  19. Do you blame Berrios for wanting to test the market when his value is probably at an all time high, and this might be his one chance to cash in? Do you blame the Jets for presenting a fair offer - acknowledged as such from Berrios own camp? Not going to fault Berrios if he walks. Not going to fault JD if he's set a price tag on Berrios that he will not go over. But JD needs to have a solid contingency plan in place if we end up losing him.
  20. I'm a big A-Rob fan, but after a career playing with horrible QBs I can't see him choosing to come here... even if we throw him the bank.
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