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  1. Man.. Saleh might be done. We deserve better
  2. He kinda is full of sh*t
  3. Post game press conference is painful. Doesn’t lie well
  4. Yeah. Who knew you could do that to a QB not wearing a Jets jersey?
  5. Need new LBs this is pathetic
  6. This is about as bad as it can get. untiL we see Zach running out on the field for the 2nd half
  7. I don’t want to see Zach Wilson take another snap for this team im done
  8. I mean. Two drives starting at the 4 and 12 and they give up 10. I think Wilson sucks too but come on… how about a stop? A punt?
  9. So this is when Zach puts it together and leads the offense down the field…..right?
  10. Yeah but it’s also on the defense not to give up 96 yard drives and get off the damn field
  11. Defense needs to keep them out of the end zone. 7 points feels like 21 at this point with Zach
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