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  1. Mann was probably trying to avoid a Hill return there
  2. Ehhh. Q rolled into the back of his leg. Looked bad
  3. Gotta get Huff signed on a multi year deal. He’s a RFA this offseason
  4. Crazy. I thought the street FA we signed mid season to be our 8th different starting OT this year would be good.
  5. Until Mike White tried to play with broken ribs, the offense had looked night and day better with anyone other than #2 behind center. Using this game with a completely make shift OL as any kind of justification about how bad the whole team is…is just weird.
  6. Surprised that wasn’t called. Even more surprised we had Quincy Williams on Hill on 3rd down
  7. What do you mean? They both resulted in first downs…..for Miami
  8. Pretty sure Saleh thinks he can carry them over from the first half.
  9. Oh god.. not this twisted rational again. Flacco sucks too. We have an OL of third stringers. LaFleur is horrible. Zach Wilson is the worst QB in the NFL. All of these things can be true.
  10. If watching Joe Flacco doesn’t inspire you, I’m not sure if anything does
  11. Follow up a big play with two runs. Sounds about right.
  12. When we go into the half down 10-0, wonder if there are any thoughts about putting him out there to start the 3rd?
  13. Loved that shot of the sideline of Flacco and White studying on iPads while Zach sits between then, looking at the ground
  14. Is there where Flacco gets sacked, fumbled, and leaves the game hurt?
  15. LaFleur really making a case for not firing him here.
  16. If the jets somehow come out and kick ass I won’t be mad. if it’s a 9-9 game in the 4th and we get a 58 yard FG to win? Ehhh
  17. And yet he’d be the best QB we’ve had in over a decade
  18. Who had ‘Flacco starts in Miami week 18 missing 3/5 the OL with the Jets already eliminated from the playoffs’ on their Dec 1st bingo card? What a Jetsy 5 weeks it’s been.
  19. We already know that’s the outcome. Drop to #17 and watch as the best OL and WR prospects fly off the board just before we get stuck picking the 4th best DT
  20. Seriously. Instead of telling him to grab a book and hit the beach, should have told him to go out and have fun. Seasons over, away crowd, no pressure- go sling it.
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