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  1. Patriots play Cincinnati, Miami and Buffalo to close out the season. The Chargers are the team to worry about. Titans, Colts, Rams, Denver. Jets will need to win all four or go 3-1 and beat Miami and catch them in record.
  2. So the Jets beat the Vikings and/or the Bills these last two weeks with Zach at QB? Is that your argument?
  3. That’s the short term answer but a Miami loss might end up being good for us down the line.
  4. Hate to watch without knowing who to root for.
  5. Day to day with the jets means nothing. Optimistic it’s a calf, but not shocked if it’s a few weeks given it was a non contract injury.
  6. Anyone spewing this bs today is outing themselves as a troll. Hope the mods take notice
  7. You’re saying he doesn’t have this saved already?
  8. Those weren’t Salehs words. The reporter prefaced his question with it and Saleh replied ‘yes. For sure’ without hesitation
  9. Oh for ****s sake. Zach Wilson is not an NFL qb right now. The light bulb hasn’t magically gone off sitting on the bench. this is White’s team.
  10. That’s a flag 10 out if 10 times against our defense
  11. Josh Allen rushing TD. Who didn’t see that coming.. I mean besides Ulbrich?
  12. Glad Mosley was laughing after his sh*t play. Buffalo going to score a TD here
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