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  1. Jets pick #69 in the 3rd round
  2. Edge and WR. We need playmakers.
  3. As a Jets fan its too easy to be negative. You’re usually proven right. But I’m optimistic that we’re turning a corner. It’s a huge off-season for sure but I think we finally are starting to have the pieces in place
  4. Might be able to resign Moses on the cheap after that
  5. Good thing Allen lobbied hard for that flag. Otherwise might’ve missed a late hit.
  6. They look as if they have their usual personnel on the field. Just play back and keep it in bounds.
  7. Two weeks in a row the two minute defense makes zero sense
  8. Why are they re-punting on a dead ball foul? edit: well look at that
  9. He’s had time. Not sure about the separation but he needs to go through his progressions.
  10. I’m just gonna ignore you telling me to ignore this…mmkay?
  11. Michael Carter has been getting in practices? good news against a pretty bad running defense
  12. I think we gotta play Zach because he's played like sh*t most of the season, yet has started to progress over the last few weeks. He needs reps in the system. He needs to continue to work on staying in the pocket, work through his reads and keep his mechanics in check. If he does those things, it doesn't matter who he's throwing the ball to. No, he's not going to put up gaudy numbers, and no one expects a win with a depleted offense against one of the top teams in the AFC.. but it would show a lot for him to lead a competent, competitive offense given the circumstances, and would be a nice note to end the year upon.
  13. Look at everybody sleeping on VYYYYYYYYYNCINT!
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