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  1. Maye - I don't see a reunion happening. Beyond the DUI, the Jets didn't want to pay him when he was healthy, and that's not going to change if he puts together a good 2022 season returning from his injury. So what's the point of signing him as a one year stop gap.. especially if there are no guarantees he is ready for camp or the start of the season? Berrios - It all depends on how much he wants to be here. The Jets snatched him up, gave him his opportunity, and he's developed under their watch. I think he's offered a fair deal, but not sure if he takes it Cole - I like Cole. But he disappeared in Jax, and he was largely invisible here at times. At best a decent 4/5 type guy. Given the Mims situation, Crowder leaving, and the likely TE room revamp it makes some sense to keep him around as a familiar face for Zach, but at a minimal cost. Crowder - the pay cut last year indicates he's gone. MAYBE if Berrios takes off and they have no plans to draft a WR, they bring Crowder back if his market is weak - but that combination would be a dumb decision. LDT - I hope they make a real effort to bring him back. He's a pro - gives you the flexibility in the draft with the OL, and would make great depth if we do go OL early. Moses - This is really all about Becton. I'd be shocked if the organization is ready to throw in the towel with him so soon, but it's apparent Becton needs to mature and focus on football. While I think we'd love to retain Moses, he's looking to cash in and start- something we probably won't be able to offer. Fatukasi - I really like this kid, and I'm sure the coaching staff does too, but it's a numbers game at this point. JFM has gotten paid, Rankins is making some money. Quentin's contract is looming. I think Fatukasi makes some decent money on the open market that we won't match. Coleman - He's proven he can have success in this system and the staff likes him. I think he returns as a 2b/3 depending on where they draft a RB. Joyner - The staff obviously likes him, and they need a veteran presence at S. He's probably their fall back option if they can't lure a higher profile FA in to pair up with A. Davis Sheppard - He's a jag, but wouldn't discount him returning with a jag contract as part of the DL rotation. J Davis - He already got his one year prove it deal, and showed that he could not.
  2. I know the TE group is easy to forget but Kroft and Griffiin both missed some time this year. And Fant and McGovern will have missed the final 2 games each.
  3. "The Doctor" is a FA. Hopefully he gets resigned along with Berrios and Moses... although if Moses is looking for RT starter money, he'll probably walk. Top needs right now are playmakers- on offense and on defense. That's why I'd go edge/WR in RD 1. In RD 2 3 & 4 I'd look at the 'lower value' positions where we need help - OG, TE, LB. and S depending on what we end up with in FA
  4. Pity to see such a mediocre joke wasted in the wrong thread.
  5. No matter what happens the rest of the way that was a really fun first half especially given our injuries. also **** DWC. The way that a$$hole flamed out here with Max there’s no reason to ever mention his name on this board again.
  6. Douglas drafted a safety in the 3rd and signed a presumed starter in FA. Plus Maye. This is more of what happens when you have 6 injuries at the spot.
  7. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you miserable assholes! Proud to be a miserable a$$hole right there with you.. this board has probably been the only enjoyable thing about being a Jets fan for many years.
  8. The old Bellichek fake injury play
  9. I mean that’s not a penalty but Bryce Hall breathing on a WR… sure.
  10. I thought Zach played pretty well today. It’s a low bar but he mostly took what the defense gave him, his mechanics seemed to be improved and was decisive in his reads. While his accuracy was better, it’s not where it needs to be. As for the defense.. it’s baffling. They’re pathetic against the run, and even though it’s supposed to be their secondary that’s the weak spot, it’s the screen passes, passes to the flat and opposing TEs that kill them. Blame the scheme, blame the players, who knows at this point. But it’s not an encouraging sign for a defensive minded HC. as for those refs.. no, it didn’t change the outcome of the game, but as a fan sitting through sh*tty play, get the calls right. Having to play against the other team and the referees every week is getting old.
  11. I think the last five time last Gene Steratore has been on he’s been wrong. And they’ve all gone against the Jets
  12. Just QB sneak it again Jets play defense on 4th and short like it’s 2 and 8.
  13. Look at that..Philly’s offense is barely averaging 7 yards a play!
  14. I keep telling myself the only thing that matters is Zach Wilson but it’s not working. I might start changing the channel when the Jets are on defense
  15. If you don’t trust your kicker to make a FG you can’t keep him. Problem is now they have a guy they can’t trust to kick an extra point
  16. Was pissed until I saw the replay. How is that legal?
  17. There is no justifiable explanation for this. Just sign a friggin kicker with NFL experience already
  18. Are you sure about that? I figured it was the new line of Jets gear from the NFL shop just in time for the holidays..
  19. He was put on the COVID/IR on Nov 4th. As of today, he hasn't been taken off.
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