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  1. Did you miss Aquaman and Shazam? Shazam is legit excellent but because it's not Disney didn't get the attention it deserves.
  2. I am wearing my chris morris shirsey proudly today! From Ed Obannon to Stinka Dare....what a day for us. These moves do not come with out risk but today isn't the day to worry about it. Kyrie explaining his move to BK https://twitter.com/ComplexSports/status/1145730370471702528?s=20
  3. Cant believe Marks and Atkinson pulled this off. There is risk, but the fact that two marquee FAs chose Brooklyn is so awesome. The young guys need to take another step in their development and hold it down until KD comes back.
  4. gqxluvx

    2019 Yankees

    Since he came off the IL is velocity is not back where it was. He really turned a corner before he go hurt and wonder if mentally he is thinking about the knee and not driving his pitches. Was a injury concern when we traded for him.
  5. gqxluvx

    2019 Yankees

    Andujar opted for surgery (should of done this right away) so he is done for the year
  6. The show with him and Bucky will be fine. Aside from Mackie being a complete sh*tbag in real life, he's fine as Falcon and as RJF mentioned this storyline has played out in the comics. They will probably lean on the buddy dynamic that Cap and Falcon had and just use Bucky the same way.
  7. I mean he explained why in episode 2, it's the Giant's teets milk!
  8. Endgame was a fulfilling and satisfying conclusion to the infinity Saga. Pump the brakes on the best superhero movie ever. This movie delivers, especially the last hour but there are certainly some things that can be questioned. Will delve into more once people have seen it.
  9. gqxluvx

    2019 Yankees

    Just tread water until some guys get back...holy crap
  10. Go see Shazam people and if you have kids take them too.
  11. Glad to hear it. Will have to check it out this weekend. Saw a sneak peak of Shazam! this weekend and wow it was really good and enjoyable. Definitely left wanting to see it again. My 6 year old daughter who never has the attention span to sit quietly sat and watched intently.
  12. gqxluvx

    2019 Yankees

    Yanks sign Ottavino, 3 yrs 27 million.
  13. It's ok man, you can always watch Ant Man.
  14. I mean people who like the Marvel movies saying the Dark Knight is mediocre?!?!
  15. I lol'ed. Well that was a lost weekend. Division is pretty much over, but I think the Yankees will get hot again before the season's over. I am concerned that Judge will not be truly healthy even when he comes back which is a major concern. He is the glue of the offense and I do not think they can make a serious run without him.
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