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  1. Oh shit my bad! “ Mods can you please delete my post?” Thanks
  2. He plays a little angry and that plus his size and power will hold the fort till his experience and technique catch up.
  3. If he’s available it means he’s not worth taking. Haha
  4. Let Trevor go to a team that has a clue. Maybe Sam bounces back, probably not.
  5. 100% agreed. All the good stuff we saw end of last year and the few games he had was nowhere to be found. Let’s hope it comes back this Sunday.
  6. Name one damn thing Jets did help him along? Yeah, like that. Bakers got weapons, Allen’s got weapons, Lamar has a custom offense. Sam’s got a Left Tackle in his third year and he’s throwing the ball to guys that aren’t and never were #1 receivers.
  7. RIP Trevors. Least he can do those hair commercials after Jets shorten his career/,
  8. Jets are way more dangerous to his career than Covid. Sam’s body isn’t barely cold yet, you guys want to destroy another? Yikes.
  9. Not very good? Haha, Jets treat young QBs like the hamburger grinder in Pink Floyd the Wall.
  10. I think drafting Becton was at least a start to help Sam.

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