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  1. Yep. He will still win 12-13 games.,
  2. The Crusher

    The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare...GAME THREAD

    I’m assuming the sk killed Lizzie.
  3. Pretty much straight forward. Josh or Teddy plays depending on Teddy’s health until Sam proves otherwise. Hack go’s to practice squad. Profit.
  4. The Crusher

    The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare...GAME THREAD

    It would only make sense if PACs demeanor actually changed during the game. Pac has been very “ Welcome to Home Depot.” Helpful this game. Fairly consistent. If a knock exist against him its blind squirreling Berbal as scum day 1. Could be distancing but something to sort out later me thinks.
  5. I watched the video with him in his home town and they talked about his college career. If anything I got the feeling he looks at himself as an underdog. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. He obviously has impulse control issues, most of us do at that age. The real test is to see if he can learn for this near miss he has just been through. If he does he can easily be a #2 wideout that sometimes plays like a #1. I would take that. Pretty sure Sam would too.
  6. The Crusher

    The Wizard of Oz, A Wizard's Nightmare...GAME THREAD

    Me thinks if you stop taking your pants off in your cubicle this could be avoided .
  7. I mean the one thing I’ve said for awhile is Bowles never really had that much talent to work with. Not an excuse but just an observation. Also, nobody would come near this team to coach it before the Darnold pick. Cant help but think Chris Johnson and Heimerdimger aren’t expecting a little more this season. Rookie QB or not I think Bowles on some level needs to prove he belongs here as the head coach. if Sam plays good and they still lose do to some of the coaching boners we have seen in his tenure I think we can see Bowles gone. Every good snap Sam takes will make it easier and easier to improve the coaching staff. That’s what the highest potential QB being drafted by a team does. I think so anyways. Wouldn’t know for sure.
  8. The Crusher

    New Hat/logo?

    Looks like it’s a little tight. Is it one size fits all?
  9. Anything is possible but Sam will have to play at the level of elevating his team in order for that to happen. Still short a few players in very important spots. This team isnt good enough to elevate a young signal caller in my opinion. Most of the time young QBs come in and have instant success, it’s with a very good roster. But, Sam is the man so I’m looking forward to this season more than any Other in a very long time.
  10. Woody has earned that and I agree. I’m willing to give Chris the benefit of the doubt at this point. He is showing modest proof he may be learning as he go’s. We’ll see.