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  1. He said it was ran nicely and the energy was tip top. He also said Joe Douglas gave him a big hug and he feels better about things going forward.
  2. Reasonable place to start considering the talent and experience ahead of him. Now Moore? Oh boy, we hit it on that one, yes sir!
  3. Divine intervention be my first guess.
  4. Best view of that yet. Thanks
  5. Funny kid. Seems like a genuine good guy. Need more of those.
  6. I still think the coaches gave the installs and him a little reality check. He responded, not much more we can ask for.
  7. Pro tip: Don’t read yesterdays. Geesh, what a difference a day makes.
  8. Exactly. I just don’t think, for good reason, we realize that our wide receiving core has depth. He’s got guys to beat out, I think he eventually will but no one here can be use to that. Last few years we have ok couple receivers then street free agents and lacrosse players. It’s a brave new world.
  9. Excellent, make sure you let me know how Zach’s timepiece coordinates with his shorts and socks!
  10. I thought defense ruled the day today? Kicker? Good grief. Yes, too bad Zach didn’t look 6’4” like Hackenburgh, prolly be fine then. The problem with accumulation of drafts picks is eventually you have to hit on then. So far Joe seems to be struggling with that. But still time, early returns kinda blow Joe.
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