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  1. Does that mean he’s hitting Beyoncé on the side? Least he ain’t gotta worrying about her stealing his stuff. You go L!!!!
  2. Either that or the Raiders entire team when Richie Incognito shows up to a team meeting with a chain saw and saws Gruden in half. Then says,” it’s ok guys, we can just sew him back together, just like they did in the movie.”
  3. Personally I would have went with karma, but I guess this works to?
  4. Give the guy a break it’s not like he was doing something terrible like partaking in the Devils lettuce.,
  5. Referring to the fact Rosen and Brees were both traded from the team that drafted them.
  6. Wow. Never heard of them before today but that bottom song was awesome. You ain't kidding that drummer can play.

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