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  1. Yes, no reason to watch the movie you haven't seen the series. It literally starts the night the series ends.
  2. I said competent. If your one of those participation award guys that think people deserve an award for competence then good for you. Nothing to do with that I said.
  3. I feel those 2 wins are pretty much as good as must coaches. I didn't look anything up but Patriots don't really lose that much. Feel 2-5 against him is competent but not necessarily good. Around average?
  4. My only point is if you have to work to eat you react to injury/sickness different than someone who knows they got a few sick days banked up. To an extent the individual makes a decision to work or not work based on as much the way they are feeling as it is whatever condition they have.
  5. I’ve been self employed for 25 years. Kind of the simple reality of it. You do what you can to go to work. Then again, I’m a pretty bad mofo.
  6. That would be nice. But, he tends to make an occasional bad read and that defense will be actively baiting him to do so. I think are chances go up if we play with a lead. Our advantages is not much film out On the offense this year and Gates is historically competent against the Pats. Hopefully he got some magic secret voodoo magic shit for them bitches.,
  7. That and being not quite good enough seem to be his thing.
  8. Robby is not going anywhere. More likely than not either is Adams. Has Willians left yet?

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