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  1. Brady Quinn knows exactly how hard it is to play QB in the NFL. It must be harder for him to see how much Zach struggled last year and to think anything other than,” Damn, it’s another me!” Shits gotta be real real to him.
  2. I get this, but I think it’s only because we always pick the wrong rookies.
  3. Hopefully that feeling from the fans seeing NY team wins powers them up to win football games this year. That would be swell.
  4. Me either. “All you can eat” always wins the day,
  5. Me and Baby Crusher stayed at the Red Roof in right by the stadium when we went to the JN Mixer for the Vikings game awhile back. It honestly wasn’t awful and reasonable clean. Cool part was the minute you opened your door you can see “the green glow” of the stadium,
  6. Are we sure he didn’t actually abduct Zach and actually does have him?
  7. Me neither until I saw him. Dude was awesome in a lot of films. RIP
  8. Nice interview. Can’t help but notice how tall and rangey Sauce looks.
  9. Now think about this. Same title with only that picture when you open the thread? Gold!!!
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