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  1. I’d go with Q. Williams with one of their numbers on the front and the other on the back. Be sweet.
  2. Let’s not start putting our own personal views on the subject in this thread. It’s mostly for information. Not personal opinions. That being said, I find it weird I can’t go my Dr. Office to get a booster, the lovely lady nurse said they are not sanctioned to give the shot. Go to Wal Mart Pharmacy, Wahlgrens Pharmacy or coming soon the 7-11 down the street!
  3. OMG bringing back the G man in the perfectly clean jersey for any reference at this point is simply delicious.
  4. Great post and I agree. Carter and Echols both look good. To be fair so many new moving parts I get confused and the duplicate player names abs brothers don’t help me keeping track. I literally thought Quincy Williams was another nickname for Quinnen. Kid you not! Thanks for looking out for a big brother.
  5. This is the part were I should tell you I have a good feeling about next week, but instead I’ll just say it’s nice to see you.
  6. That’s when your down to that last week old disposable razor and you know she likes a clean playing fields. You do your best but ends up looking more like a killing field than a playing field when your done. You wear anything but white underwear and hope she doesn’t notice in the dark.
  7. Well we all have but I do try to make my own opinions. Yet, I’m not going to make believe I’ve been happy with JD’s drafting because I simply haven’t been. Yet, I’ve given him credit for a lot of the things he’s done we’ll. I don’t lessen his positive moves to push the narrative that he must go but that also doesn’t change that both of his drafts have sorta blown. I think he has done masterfully getting rid of the players SAR I call the playmakers. I’ve repeated numerous times that the so called playmaker that JD got rid up have done nothing since they left but get paid like a playm
  8. Allen has great weapons and lots of time to look around. We got a long way to go man,
  9. Where the hell can we get one of these Stephan Diggs?
  10. They have only trailed 6% of the time games they played. Haha overrated
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