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  1. MFB Part Deux

    Spooty was legitimately not feeling well. He explained himself well. Lizzie can only find so many replacements. Plus I mis the furry little fiend. He plays his heart out when he is in. Pac is a jerk off. Nolder was in a very big game on another sights and has narcolepsy. Last game as scum he came in guns a blazing. Is this a change up? I’m not sure but would like to hear more from him. With the replacement for AVM and the slow start I’m still willing to give it a little more time but leaving wasting a non active on the table. They just need to contribute not drive the game. The new version of Ape that only plays from the toilet during potty breaks during the day at work and between deadlift sets at night makes a nice contribution without huge time comitment.
  2. MFB Part Deux

    Yes but voting him for being a pompous useless prick crapping on the game is becoming a possibility for me.
  3. MFB Part Deux

    If that Dick comes by with one more self fellating mocking post talking about how he doesn’t have time to play on his way to the annual gardeners golf and taco tournament in Florida I will be ready to remove the distraction.
  4. MFB Part Deux

    I don’t remeber this utter lack of conviction from you last game. Not finding fault in that as much as with Brick swearing you are Town because you playing like you did last game. Something to watch on our little “ give me blood self voting friend.”
  5. MFB Part Deux

    Unvote vote brick
  6. MFB Part Deux

    7-9.. progress
  7. MFB Part Deux

  8. MFB Part Deux

    I care enough to not be liked.
  9. MFB Part Deux

    Nice? You in for AVM? Hercules! Hercules!
  10. MFB Part Deux

    Get back in your seat and shut up.
  11. MFB Part Deux

    Do what got to do. Love you. Miss you till you come back.
  12. MFB Part Deux

    My world. You are a spec on the learning curve.,
  13. MFB Part Deux

  14. MFB Part Deux

    My yougest Rosie and I made a snow bear:
  15. MFB Part Deux

    You the second best fat guy joke poster on the site.