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  1. The Crusher

    Scott Frost Honeymoon Over

    What the hell did you google to find that?
  2. The Crusher

    browns fan perspective

    Give it a while. Eventually this coaching staff will have him playing with smiley faces on his shoes.
  3. Why Sam Darnold will not be a winner....
  4. Ahhh hell, what could go wrong?
  5. The Crusher

    Kevin green

    That was your last chance pal
  6. Kinda hard to plant your feet to throw the ball with a free runner coming at your face. McCown threw a beauty 45+ yard TD in the air to Robby week 1.
  7. I like the way they are supposedly protecting Sam by turning everything into 3rd and long. haha
  8. Not sure what you call it but I feel they already have. Run, run and then pass on third and long. Other than putting Ben Gay in his jockstrap is there anything worse to do to a young QB? 13 more games of this and Sam will be posing for GQ and eating hot dogs on the sideline.
  9. Hey, that's 3 feet you know?
  10. Regime change? I will believe that when I see it. Sam came into the league with some natural gifts you can;t coach. He looked great in camp and very good in his first two games. He is going to have to adapt to not having time and eventually the hits will mount up. I hope your right but I honestly have more confide3nce in this team ruining quarterbacks than developing them. Difference here is Sam showed up with the skills you need to be a FQB in this league. Hopefully that's enough but my gut says it isn't.
  11. Wait until the line gets dinged up and he gets even less time. We will be filling the roster with receivers who are good downfield blockers because we will be handing off on 3rd and long now too. Im not that worried though. After they destroy Sam I'll only be 91 after the next 40 years we have to wait for next potential FQB we draft. My grandmother drove till she was 95 so I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  12. I love this optimism but the line and his receivers are not changing this season so I'm having a hard time convincing myself Sam will improve much. Kills me to say so but I see, just as advertise, they are going to ruin the kid. but hey, I'm lying if i say I'm surprised.
  13. Well we do need someone other than Quincey and Kearse to catch passes. Anyone? anybody?
  14. The Crusher

    Peyton Manning, Rookie Year

    Well played sir.

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