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  1. Actually if I’m being honest still better than 80% of the threads here. Good try, you’ll get them next time
  2. Already seen it. He really seems like a genuinely nice kid. But, yes, let’s start him right away on our team of misfit toys. What can go wrong?
  3. What about the fear in his eyes Pauly? What about the fear?
  4. 100% kid is terrified of coming to the Jets. At this point if I was his Dad Id be trying to friend Archie Manning on social media and see if I can get some pro tips on how to prevent this disaster from happening,,
  5. True, but drafting a big physical QB with talent then surrounding him with talent certainly is.
  6. Not if you do it right. Josh Allen in three years kicked the Pats to the curb. It’s his division now.
  7. To be fair they all brought their wives. Kinda hateful
  8. He’s at a cabin getting ready for the drafts with three of his buds that all brought their wives. He is in denial about going to the Jets and is hoping someone trades up and saves him. It’s actually pretty sad, I feel for him. Other than that seems like a great kid.
  9. Just like that Creepy Lurker gets severely out creeped.
  10. All you had to do was watch Clemson vs OSU and you know damn well Fields is willing to win at all cost. Natural born killer!
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