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  1. Like waiting for Ashton Kutcher to Jump out and scream,” You been punked!”
  2. Hey, you told me that Saleh was the "Bald Beast" I expect everyone to come here and play for a discount.
  3. Except they will want the #2 to draft Fields and appease the fans. No way they do it without that pick.
  4. Like to hear him promise each and every one of his children’s mane precisely and eloquently.
  5. I think the difficult part is can you really know that before you have to pay him a fortune? He has gotten worse with each year in the league.
  6. Richard Sherman is a Stanford grad and a very intelligent man. Deshaun? You should listen to him.
  7. Wow, as a father of five I suddenly feel inept.
  8. Oh I don’t know I was just repeating stuff I heard before.
  9. It’s just are typical position of being leveraged. A bargaining chip if you will.

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