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  1. So, you think this might be the break needed for Mims to see the field?
  2. Expecting Mims to look better today than yesterday but not quite good enough to play,
  3. A troll with no survival instincts is hardly a troll at all.
  4. That very well could be. But, we just scored zero points last game. Corey Davis is proving to be unable to make key contested catches. Every other receiver is more slot like. Our tight ends our really a non factor. I don’t care about Mims feeling, emotions or what he thinks he deserves and how that effects the coaching staff. If we were putting a competent offense on the field not sure we would have mentioned him much past game 1. Just doesn’t seem like the time to be teaching life lessons and sticking to some perceived concept of what a guy has to do to earn his way in the field. So
  5. Yeah, those 6 tackles per game by Jamal could have turned this whole thing around by now. Sucks we let him go.
  6. Are we comparing both of their first years in the league? Darnold looked damn good in his first gabe after that first pick six. But I’m not sure the receivers on this team were MUCH better than those receivers. Maybe on paper . But in reality Braxton Berrios is his leading receiver right now,
  7. You are not the first person to mention that here, just the first person to not actually mean it. Frightening!
  8. But he knew what he was starting with obviously. You are not wrong but he has to be able to change things to at least attempt to fit his personal. I see it as a major flaw for him to look at this roster and it experience then go ahead and try to install his system anyways.,Needs to be able somewhat adapt to what he has or shouldn’t have taken the job. Who knows? His brothers best friend who he worked with offered him his dream job. Turned into a nightmare, it happens.
  9. I would guess the one that last 17 games, but both are certainly capable in their current situations.
  10. Lot of room between playing well right now and what they are doing. It’s really not the level of play as it is as oppose to it seems to be getting worse as a whole week to week.
  11. He’s a little busy trying to be legendary right now for all that other stuff.
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