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  1. Watch it pal. I’m young enough to remember us drafting Garret Wilson in the first.
  2. I’m sure it is. I also think he made a mistake not having an agent. That likely contributed some to the degradation of the relationship. You know, I live less than an hour from Baltimore, they love the kid there, but I know from you the owner is a twat! So here they are,
  3. @JiF4Lamar. This is the overwhelming factor. I think if Lamar was truly available Douglas would have have it a harder look. He likely already knew Jamar wasn’t going far!
  4. Damn division be Thunder dome if that happened.
  5. I think to Green Bay it’s easy to think he is. Look at the years they had from Favre to Rodgers, it would be easy to expect Love be will live up to it if you are them. Even with nothing at all suggesting that.
  6. I think he’ll continue to play if the team wins 10-12 games and makes noise in the playoffs. If this team is barely above .500 and no playoffs?
  7. Shit! I was really hoping @UtahGangsta was one of your Alts. Damn it!
  8. Yep, that’s all that needs to be said. Thanks RT.
  9. Oh I would have preferred Lamar, you know that. Just don’t think he’s breaking free from Baltimore and they are just letting it play out. I truly think they match any offer and keep him. So, I couldn’t get too excited. Never thought Rodgers as the best choice between those two, more like the only choice between those two. Same reason we want him so bad is why Baltimore isn’t letting him go. I think it hit this far because he doesn’t have an actual agent and the process became clunky. He’s a Raven and will remain a Raven.
  10. Glory? I’d do it for one entire season of watchable football at this point.
  11. When it comes to QB’s Joe Douglas is beyond clueless.
  12. I said everything because I meant everything, not Just the Lamar thing.
  13. Everything is so freaking weird.
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