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  1. That’s early in our relationship before he became immune to my paralyzing lactose induced flatulence. Almost 90 seconds before he came back to me.
  2. His over the top shtick. Half the time I think he means it other have the time I think he trolling. Working on me I guess is what I meant to say. Haha
  3. To be fair he was screaming for Saleh well before Saleh was even considered fur a head coaching job. He was carrying on about the” bald beast” for quite the while. Beyond that he’s a he’s been over the top and it seems to be working.
  4. Hell yeah! If you are using the Madden ideal, why not? Reality is, it’s a business masquerading as a team, if fans cant have wins you better give them hope, even if it’s a lie. Honestly with guys like Fields, Lawrence and Zach, yeah, give them the three years. It’s a crap shoot. Thing hurt this team the most was the drafting and committing to Hack. Look at what that cost us in time and the potential of drafting one of the QBs available then? Zach would have never made it past San Fran. So we didn’t overdraft him. We just way way way overestimated him. Still don’t think it was a Jo Jo and Bobby thing forcing that , has some Woody on it.
  5. They gotta draft someone. Ok so Hakenburgh was a disaster of a pick. Agreed. Other than Josh Allen, who would have picked instead of Sam? You know, Josh Allen, Buffalo’s running back. Who would you pick instead of Zach? Other than Aunt Berniece and no wouldn’t. Gotta pick QB’s when you don’t have one and your drafting that high.
  6. Or start him when the OC and head coach are learning on the job. FU Joe Douglas FU. Hard to fault the kid for that no?
  7. Crushlove thinks he’s better off spending more time at the beach working Milfs but I understand this is something he’s gotta do for the football first crowd. Whatever,
  8. Hurry up, call somebody fat or a hippie. That’s still ok. Right?
  9. Every play before his injury was street ball magic. I agree it only worked one time, but that doesn’t mean the kid doesn’t have it in him or that it’s ever going to work. But your original question was what do we have in him? SBM!!! That’s what. I would like to add out of Fields, Sunshine and Aunt Berniece he had a ridiculous leap in competition. Must be a bitch the first time you see real pressure it’s at the NFL level while the O line is learning, not executing, but learning the blocking scheme. OMG! How did that not work?
  10. OMG. Really? Dude came in game one slinging the rock like a damn boss!. His line, coaches and receivers failed him miserably that game. He digressed from their and it was obvious game was too fast for him, the offense was terribly out of sync, line was lost and his receivers couldn’t catch mono let alone a damn football. He went into the toilet after that, but it wasn’t because he didn’t have any street ball magic, it was because he wasn’t ready do it at the NFL level. Pro tip: neither was the Uber athletic, long ball master, clutch dog Justin Fields. No shame in it. After that the coaches shut him down and made him play Mike White ball. Hey, I’m not saying he’s gonna be good or he’s going to be our QB next year, simply saying he’s a Street ball magic QB. Not his fault the team that drafted him wasn’t ready for it, he wasn’t ready to do it at the next level and the only consistent receiver he had who could stay on the field was one Braxton Berrios.
  11. Zach Wilson is a “ street ball magic” type of player. I expect him to look more comfortable and try to maintain some of the ball control stuff they neutered him to get a handle on. Then BOOM bitch! Gonna just street ball certain plays and launch some deep stuff. Not sure our guy, the other guy or the guy standing on the sidelines will catch it but I expect to be hot son! His strength as a player is he’s way tougher than he looks and so far has no quit in him, even though he had a couple teary times. Real mean cry! He’s also got that street ball off platform magic, say he don’t, I freaking dare you! He certainly has the arm talent the was touted to have but also way slower processing the game as advertised. So they had to reel him in some. Kid can certainly make all the throws when he’s not running straight backwards. I’m excited to see him combine the ball control stuff they taught him that he played with down the stretch with his STREETBALL MAGIC! Jab, jab, jab POWERSHOT. TD!!!!!! Do you think you could even take his power shot? Haha, no.
  12. The truly silly part of this is if he actually shows up and plays well he could very well put that unit over the top;
  13. Mac Jones poise last year was truly impressive, not sure it offsets him being unable to throw a ball when it’s windy out, but in a vacuum it was truly special. Fields like all the Uber athletic QBs before him will have to create that balance in order to be anything more than really good in fantasy. Lawrence? Has a lot of insulation from critics because everyone else because of all the grinding on the generational talent pole. His college production is reason to believe he will eventually be a very good QB? Zach? Never should have started in the first place, yet, gotta be somewhat impressed he didn’t die last year. His line learned on the go for the beginning of the year and it showed. The line was mince meat for that last game. That’s what people likely remember so the Becton comment makes sense. His arm talent gets pushed to the side because he stunk so badly early and when he came back from injury the coaching staffing shelved it. Hopefully he is able to use it to get some chunk plays this year while playing some ball protection QB like he did to end last season. The good news is the weapinz excuse is officially dead. If he still stinks it up there are supposedly 100 QBs that will go in round 1 next year. Make it happen Tanny!
  14. Oh? I thought it was because her boobs have gotten so heavy she needs help holding them up. Those workouts with Duke are really paying off!
  15. To be fair Mims was a little bit just like The Great Pumpkin, never showing up and all.
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