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  1. I work tonight till 7. Not in till 230 tomorrow. Works out.
  2. Be more concerned how he looks next time he plays. See if he can pull himself up and elevate his team next week. Dealing with adversity was one of the things they touted about him coming out of Duke. We will see next week. One thing I appreciate about Sam is when he plays badly I can always convince myself he will bounce back and rise to the occasion.
  3. My heavens, guys act like you never seen a star before. Jets fans.
  4. Yes. Sunday ticket streaming. I’m paying for three kids in college right now. Bout time I cashed in.
  5. Are the Bills really losing to the Dolphins right now?
  6. I like Thursday night football because I can use the game in excuse to get football food. I rarely watch the game .
  7. Yeah but he does it with conviction and never backs down. Kid is a star!
  8. I’d rather have Mono win rather Than the Pats.
  9. This is bullshit!! i don’t see an “ All male” sign anywhere!
  10. To be fair we have had only two games with our starting QB and in the first one the kid had mono. You needed our best defender to go down and our kicker to stay on the bus to win that one. We won the second one. Good luck this week.
  11. Not sure they will listen. Too busy ripening for slaughter.,

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