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  1. Baker Mayfield

    He is the QB you always wanted but afraid to ask for. I get it. I do.
  2. Word Association

    Papa ( got a brand new)
  3. Word Association

  4. Word Association

  5. Word Association

  6. If you ask me I would rather have Antonio Cromartie seduce and impregnate my wife behind my back. Then when my friends made fun of me I could say,” it could happen to anyone” and they be like,” truth.”
  7. Hackenburgh has the safetest knee ligaments of any NFL QB-ish thing
  8. ~ ~ Happy Thanksgiving ! ! ~ ~

    Do This again and I will ban you will ban you till Hackenburgh is ready to start.
  9. I think Macc passing on Watson is a hang nail compared to the right arm amputation at the shoulder drafting Christian Hackenburgh in the second round was. In theory after taken Hackenburgh he should have been removed fromany discussion of taking and any QB anyplace a any time until he breathes his last breathe. Just finished new season of GOT! So awesome
  10. McCown is a pretty decent back up QB.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving JetNation.com

    We are thankful for you Boss. Thanks.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving JetNation.com

    Well a matter of fact it would.
  13. Happy Thanksgiving JetNation.com

    I’m just hitting my stride. Around 630 I will be blissfully incoherent.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving JetNation.com

    Nice picture but for this Crushlove it’s not Thanksgiving without Baked Lasagna and sausage and peppers. I usually get into the Turkey during the late game. God Bless you and everyone a great thanksgiving.
  15. Coach Mike Leach

    Guy should have a podcast
  16. Chiefs sign Revis

    Real jet fans want to fight somebody until they read sarcasm part.
  17. Chiefs sign Revis

    Him and Andy Reid probably met up at weight watchers.
  18. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    I was counting the year any QB should be given to either get use to the NFL or learn a new play book.
  19. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    Taking Hack in the second cost us three years.
  20. Last to post in this thread wins

    Its lunch I already won.
  21. Happy Birthday delicious.
  22. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Pssssst! Me and you Hydra-ing, on same team.
  23. I watched him play a couple times and I can assure you he would even be fun to watch if he ultimately doesn’t succeed. Honestly if they draft this kid and kept McCowm to ease him into the fray I would be ok with it. Nobody going to keep this kid off the field.
  24. This article is written solely for the purpose to give him ammo to tear the Jets down when they miss out on Darnold, Allen and Rosen. He has is next three articles already cued up.