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  1. Your just nitpicking those post. Trying to get under my skin. Just like you did last game. I’ll let it go for now.
  2. Yes, I answer your stupid accusation and I’m pushing back hard, so must be scum, exactly like last game. Never mind was second on the train for the Nolder Lynch, just a coincidence.
  3. Oh a know I did it more than anyone and enjoyed it immensely. Just not sure in the other forums. Cant wait till we meet, after I kick your ass in the parking garage I’m treating you at the Casino buffet and doing it in person. Bringing business cards to launch your new “ White fence landscaping Ltd.”
  4. Yea because it’s odd for a day to change someone’s opinion in mafia. You are not this dense. Like not at all. This is Lizzie level obtuse.
  5. Now I’m suppose to believe you didn’t already know that? Bullshit
  6. Not in awhile but I think at some point we might have tossed a few back in the day. Honestly not sure.
  7. I’m Virginia it’s only wine and beer. Hence my surprise.
  8. Agree on Spoot . Oddly he made a similar play last game with a similar shit post based on something not there. He was third party last game. Something to think about.
  9. When kids were little went once a month . Was nice, grocery shop, feed the five of them for $15 and get enough bulk everything till next month. Now that 4 out of 5 are gone I feel as it’s a liberated right of passage to not go there. I do Wegmans and Ukrops on the reg.
  10. Of course. Who in their right mind would think of Costco or Whole foods to purchase quality spirits? Well, uhh, other than you.
  11. Could very well be true. But I still think Texas needs to in the most basic form at least feign some excitement about the next QB. Kinda my point.
  12. Me too! Get my second at 1230. Good luck
  13. Might want to tape your wrist first, wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself again.
  14. It’s fair that he will most likely stay in Houston, if I was Houston I’d make sure he does. But, if he doesn’t? 6 teams more likely than Jets? No way, Houston needs to draft their future QB and sell them to the fan base. I mean maybe they think the 3rd best QB, leftover QB will do it but I think they need that second slot for optics. I’d say Miami , Carolina and Jets would be the worse the odds should be from the Jets perspective. But at the end of it Houston will keep him and the Jets will make the wrong choice.
  15. Same here. Little light for my taste, but Uber popular and seems to appeal to lighter palates. When I drink bourbon as of late it’s been Basel Hayden, they also have a dark rye that’s solid.
  16. Might be a sign when half your receiving core switches to Lacrosse the following season.
  17. Technically Sam made it three if you subtract mono time, injury time and the time he spent seeing ghost.
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