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  1. Lawson may be the reason Becton becomes a pro bowler this year. This is the exact type of guy he has to learn to block. Fast dudes it’s hard for him to get his body on.
  2. What a cutie. Congratulations brother.
  3. Zach’s still adjusting to throwing the balls without his Gucci shades.
  4. If I recall, for an Asian chick and it didn’t turn out so well.
  5. The hand off thing is an interesting point. I remember watching some YouTube videos of BYU game and it was like he was a foot away of some of his fake handoffs. Least I think that’s what I was watching.
  6. No disrespect, but there are parts of this post I believe are true.
  7. I like watching the highlights when they score. That parts really cool. The actual games are pretty long and I didn’t grow up playing it. Being Italian my skinny cousins all played in a Saturday league and I got brought by My grandmother to get my “Husky” jeans from Sears. One of my loving Uncles brought me to a Pop Warner tryout and said,” try this you fat little shit!” It worked out just fine.
  8. It’s a good thing. Carl Lawson is now his biggest pain. No time to think about all the little ones.
  9. Michael Carters had a good day. Haha Awesome
  10. I’d like to see who the quarterback of the Colts is before I commit Kev.
  11. For now Ill be happy if he stays healthy and doesn't suck.
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