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  1. 1. find college kid in area with a schedule and Id 2. Pay $100 3. Profit
  2. Dudes are typically skinny and eat for sport. I eat because fat.
  3. Still more likely than Robbie becoming an elite talent. If anyone has to prove he’s elite or would be the guy that hasn’t done it yet. Love Robbie, root for Robbie, believe he has the drive and natural born talent to become elite but just like you I’m waiting to see it. I’ve watched Le’veon do cartoonish HOF type stuff for another team for awhile now. It’s way more likely to happen. Dude is in his prime and has no significant injury history.
  4. Hell yeah, me and Baby Crusher would show up and eat all the soup at DC soup kitchens when he was 3. Hate the game not the players son!
  5. Id pray for him not to get hurt and to never win a single game until he left.
  6. When you have mouthful of dick just like every other Pats fan.
  7. No kidding. Dude was too short to ride a roller coaster but fine to be a cop?

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