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  1. Please go into the clubs to discuss Covid. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to avoid politics by stating they are trying to not make it political right before they make it political. I do.
  2. That’s why laptops are better than desktops. When you get a problem like this you just give them to your computery friend and say,” Dude fucking thing!”
  3. Me too. Always like the kid. Seems like he really tried to improve himself after the incident he had. I root for the guy.
  4. Congrats. Good for you. Name ?
  5. I guess this is the part I explain we don’t allow politics, someone post in before the lock, someone post politics and then the thread is locked.
  6. Exactly. Loved that guy.
  7. Escalators can never break. They just become stairs.,
  8. Of course. Good teams get better by getting great guys. Please don't bring him to the Jets because hes unstable and we hate top tier receiving talent.
  9. Honestly Ive only been to the stadium three times. All three times I enjoyed it and had a very enjoyable In game experience. The last time was 2 year ago and had some lower end zone tickets right above were the Jets came came out and had a great time with all my JN homies. I just don’t think it’s worth insulting people because they don’t like the stadium design, at the end of the day it’s the product on the field and the people you are with to enjoy the game. One day you and I will meet at a game , have a quality seltzer and enjoy each others company 6foot and 3inches away from one another.
  10. Does this mean you are no longer a Jetfan or Covid-19 Isolation been a little bit tougher on you than anyone thought?
  11. Pretty sure he did, at least according to his first sentence in this thread.
  12. Must resist urge to change your screen..... must resist... LOL

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