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  1. Not me pig boy. I’m the start of generation X. Whatever the hell that means.
  2. Is making fun of boomers ok? Asking because I really don’t know.
  3. Big young mean awesome offensive lineman. Don't care what their name is.
  4. His ghost killed us when we played the Pats
  5. If we can find out a way to only play bad teams that can't pressure the QB he's already pretty sweet.
  6. We kinda have 1 or 10 threads discussing this.
  7. It’s too far gone and I refuse to read this shit to find Who started the political talk. Yet, interesting enough the little bit I read I can pretty much guess what the person would say after I read their screen name. I’ve decided not to ban anyone. Just take a break from it for a bit.
  8. Haha. For a second thought I was losing my mind.
  9. Lose to Raiders Beat Bengals Beat Dolphins Ravens bludgeon us steelers beat us lose to Bills we win two more 5-11
  10. They were extra dinged up when they played us. But they actually started with a better line at the start of the season. We started with bottom five and today was like the 11th incarnation of the line. Doesn’t matter though.
  11. Daniel Jones will be a very good QB in this league. Been impressed with him. But the line comparison is asinine. Giants didn’t whine back on it.
  12. Nice thread but seems like something is missing. Hmmmmm?
  13. Yet, that it’s in end zone was nice. Tough catch but sweet toss.

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