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  1. Please refer to him as Ash. Bruce Campbell was in Burn Notice, Ash was not. Thanks.
  2. Ginger Lynn and Aja for me. Thanks.
  3. Anything with Ash > anything with Pacino,
  4. Just seems your adopting belief rather easily compared to the overwhelming evidence that even a .500 season alone would be a shocking improvement.
  5. Ok, that makes more sense. I just hope they hit him up with some perv proofing via his contract. Like make him go to an aggressive penis support group, not be alone with any massage therapist without a chaperone armed with a testicle taser and lifelong mandatory visits with a mental health specialist to remember “ No means No”, not “ meh, let me fly in another half dozen.”
  6. If he gets a year doesn’t he get a chance to appeal it? End up close to 8? Just a question, not a pignostication,
  7. Is this a less than subtle way of asking a for a name change to Gullible?
  8. I love the sound track.
  9. And all he has to show for it is a filet the size of a desert plate? What a tragic waste of natural ability. Might as well be drafted by the Jets,
  10. That’s because you were meant to be standing next to William Wallace on the field of battle.
  11. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly what is on the plate.
  12. I would of went with held on to your Butter Buffalo, staring at it longingly like it was a fresh from the oven Subway sammich.
  13. You left out cooking. * *I apologize for offending those of you who honestly I feel your priorities are askew.
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