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  1. Nope, sorry, little bit pre-occupied right now Johnny.
  2. If that’s the case then the fans deserve another abysmal season. Serves them right.
  3. It really depends on when and if Suoerbowl MVP Joe Flacco gets the nod. If Zach plays “lights out” and his new and approved beefcake physique holds up I say we are a .500 team. If Zach struggles and Joe gets the nod I expect we produce at a .750 level with this offense with upgraded line, improved running game with star potential, a wide receiver group with more potential than we’ve seen like 4-ever and an actual NFL level tight end room. I see .500 at the worse as long as the coaching staff has the balls to win this season.
  4. Only because that Jaba gif reminds you of us at the windy Vikings game.
  5. Welcome? As if! I’m not sharing my snacks. Only brought enough for me
  6. Do they call you Barry or Mr. McCockinner?
  7. It’s honestly the three of them and my perception of what I wanted them to be that makes it impossible for me to love again. I just can’t convince myself that Zach is anything more than the new kid to convince yourself is any better than the old kids. Just another meatball for the sauce,
  8. That’s not so bad. Our neighborhood doesn’t have a HOA but he has an old ordinance that you can’t knock your house down and build a McMansion on it. You have to leave the front entrance and can only increase the base of the house by I think 25% (we have pretty huge yards compared to most in Northern VA so it’s not too terrible) . But you can go straight up a full floor if it’s a single level, bitches around here get creative AF. It’s not awful because it’s a very old subdivision and the trees prevents houses from becoming architectural eyesores.
  9. It’s under the premise that if everyone adheres to the rules house values stay up. I guess it depends a in how long you stay in your home. If you may move do to military, job change, retirement or divorce anytime soon it may make short term sense . But once you buy for the long term it seems like a bit much to do. Plus, you can just remodel the toilets abs the kitchen before you sell anyways. Toilets and kitchens sell houses nowadays. I raised five kids in my home and there were times when the place really looked like it. Like the time my oldest boy decided to try a pull up hanging off my cross bar for the garage door. Had two pieces of plywood covering the opening till the weekend till and I could replace it. Haha
  10. Are you positive your family didn’t have you committed?
  11. “ You are what your record says you are!” -Bill Parcells They could certainly prognosticate the changes in the roster could help, but until they do it’s just a guess. Plus if they picked the Vegas line. You might not post it here. So there’s that too.
  12. I’m actually quite displeased to see no Suoerbowl MVP Joe Flacco choice. But that’s probably just me.
  13. Oh ok, makes sense considering it’s commonly mixed with cocaine so the person who is doing it would have the chance to test. 100% agree should be readily available.
  14. I think he was starting that it should be a thing.
  15. I thought Vikings defense was pretty highly rated when he got there. Maybe not.
  16. Yeah. It’s a true threat and a danger. Very close friend of mine loss his 22 year old niece to it when she went with friends to NC after graduation. It’s honestly terrifying. Yeah, the fact it’s so addictive and deadly in such small doses really makes it a very real issue. From what I’ve heard the difference in doses between being high and dead are not very much at all.
  17. Yes, but Stafford was drafted by the sane team that wasted Barry Sanders and Megatron’s careers. Stafford gets picked up by a contender and Boom, Super Bowl champ just like one Joe Flacco. It’s easy to accept it was the Lions and not him. Cousins go’s to pretty stacked Vikings team, at least when he got there and basically did what he did when he was in Washington. Easy to think that’s just what he does. Have to wait to see if he gets picked up by another contender, but for now he’s basically a compiler. @Savage69!
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