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  1. F-that shit. I don’t even look at reported posts no more.
  2. Actually we try to mod and do as little as possible. Like to do nothing, but grown men can’t seem to post on a football message board without feelings and a need to test the most simple of rules. It’s honestly not thankless, Max has alway shown appreciating for what little I do. A class act that one.
  3. Not sure the methodology for testing pathetic has been perfected yet.
  4. Are you telling us we better call you?
  5. We got a lot of threads to have fun in and make jokes. This is not one of them. Kelly has been warned a tone of times. Didn't like that picture aned sick of telling it the same thing over and over again, so three months to think about it. We go out of our way to make this place fun and not be to strict on things. Our rules are basic. Just follow them.
  6. Got it boss . Do we start with the list we compiled in the mod forum?
  7. “ when my vagina gently weeps!”
  8. It seems to have sky rocketed as soon as that Nicoo dude left.
  9. Well this is a Jets board and he plays for the Dolphins. Plus, sadly, it's not that unusual in Roger Goodell's NFL. Prolly get suspended a game.
  10. Nice to hit on draft picks. Really makes a difference going forward.
  11. Yes, 10+ years of above average QB play would really suck compared to what we are use to. The horror !
  12. Well when you sign big price tag free agents that are retired or historically always hurt your kinda cheating the system for that number one spot. Take that Patriots!
  13. Well yeah, if he was in the room he would certainly bring it up himself.
  14. OBJ needs to be on a NFL version of the Harlem Globetrotters. An exhibition team were he can make couple few crazy cool circus like catches as the fans awe and ooo because when it comes right down to it in games he really doesn’t consistently make an impact. His one handed ball catching warm ups are far more entertaining than what he does in games.,

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