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  1. Joel Ward FTW... Go Caps...

  2. Washington Capitals are the ultimate... SLAPDICK TEAM

    1. shawn306


      They are a bunch of dicksmacks. How they hell do you get swept ?

    2. The Crusher

      The Crusher

      played with 0 heart and backstrom and Semen never got off the bus. terrible.

  3. Tomshane playing mafia? AWESOME please jion him and bring a covered dish. Please don;t tell anyone else about the covered dish, it's a surprise

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    2. JiFapono
    3. The Crusher

      The Crusher

      BZ? be nice to Mr Shane, we have spoke of this before.. simmer down hercules

    4. T0mShane



  4. Cheese Danish and black coffee are an excellent 3 seed for breakfast

    1. dolphann4life


      terrible breakfast.Very unhealthy

  5. My coffee maker tells better time than my kids

  6. Las Vegas murder mafia... buffet and hangover included

    1. JiFapono


      Weddings possible, even ghey

    2. The Crusher

      The Crusher

      we specialize in the redundant

  7. New mafia game coming up, free naked picture of max to all participants, freakin hot

  8. Elastic is not forever, RIP oh trusty coverer of the dunlop

  9. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. great game to ewatch with a designated driver

  11. Wondering why nobody cares about my haircut

    1. Bruce Banner

      Bruce Banner

      Yeah, whats up with that.

    2. L.S. Dylan
    3. JiFapono


      It makes me want to rub my you

  12. Dude I saw a picture of you. you look like those fat smart types, you mother****ers got all the answers, personally Im more of the fat fart type, it's not answers that I have

  13. must be mind boggling and brutal, but your talking to a guy that has posted for 5 years and still cant post a You Tube video. If this was my site we would still be posting in MS-Dos or commodore 64's.

  14. this conversion scares me, I need to be held

  15. Fat azz Fraternity? Thanx hahahahaha

  16. Bleedin you do realize that is the only thread I can;t talk in? Your like the guy who makes fun of the pit bull fenced in the yard just to find out their was a back door right before he clamps down on your arm.

  17. I will be looking toward you for guidance and mentoring.

  18. Yes, us sexy brothers gots to stick together.

  19. Funny thing is... I swear to this. At that distance thats EXACTLY what I would look like. I do surf, but on a long board on small waves. But that pic kicks azz.

  20. Oh stop. Only one Namath to consider and that was 1969 Namath. You know better.

  21. Joe Willy not hot? First thing you have ever said on this board I hated to hear. Im Crushed

  22. Nice to know you, Goodbye.

  23. Thread got closed. Sorry about your daughters situation.

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