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  1. we have zero proof he hasn’t already
  2. Can’t say I heard of Fant before last year either.,
  3. Haha, nobody wants bronzed buff Bobby standing next to them shirtless in that pool in that picture.
  4. As you should I find the skinny can trend as useless and annoying as the skinny jeans trend.
  5. I didn’t even know Joe Douglas knew Larry the cable guy!
  6. My apology, didn’t realize we were talking about the team and coaching staff. This conversation was originally about the fans attitudes. Thank you.
  7. I actually sent it before I finished it. Was supposed to say, oh, wait, no, we all Know what happen last time you had your own thread.
  8. Your in your way to getting your own thread like Hmertz
  9. Seems like a Pete and re-Pete situation honestly.
  10. I feel more like a camp counselor at a halfway house for middle aged men.
  11. Even just win the first game. Pretty sure nobody will feel angry about it. They might think it was a fluke and it probably will be but this place will be very pleasant for 6 days till they play again.
  12. Positivity and winning attitudes usually follow winning football games. Not much of that has happen yet so it’s pretty reasonable most people aren’t there yet.
  13. Hey, this thread is here for Henry to share his videos. I too wish he would just post them here himself and I do my best to check the board for his musings. So, please just copy me next time you see one of his videos on the board not in this thread and I will move it here. We don’t need to chastise him every time he post one. Yet, I really do wish @hmhertz you could just put them here to begin with. Thanx.
  14. If I had the ability to elevate my abundance I would drop kick your severely calloused penis.
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