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  1. I would of went with held on to your Butter Buffalo, staring at it longingly like it was a fresh from the oven Subway sammich.
  2. You left out cooking. * *I apologize for offending those of you who honestly I feel your priorities are askew.
  3. Me and you can get a flat in Woodbridge and follow the Condoms as they turn into a NFC East force. Just make sure you are up on all your shots first.
  4. I don’t think he leaves his house much
  5. It’s almost like spanking it with the wrong hand.
  6. Great post, this draft actually fell nicely for us and I was as surprised as anyone.
  7. Without food we die. Can’t eat currency, can’t eat gold, can’t eat real estate, can’t eat promissory notes and certainly can’t eat crypto currency. You are welcome,
  8. Ahh man, always loved that dude. RIP
  9. Yeah, just ignore them. Nice thread, people get into it.
  10. Yeah, the nerve of him talking about the Jets on a Jets message board.
  11. Really good point he seems to be well suited to pick zones apart but when it becomes a M2M situation, like Redzone, he struggles. I agree with most of what teh Doggin is saying but I think his footwork and not elite processing will cause him to not be consistent enough to be elite. Plus Yips!
  12. Not to eat out of but to store, but now that you mention it… hmmmmm?
  13. I appreciate the sentiment but Allen is literally in the cyborg range of human physicality. His mere physical presence prevents defenses from treating him like any other QB. This bought him the time to work on his accuracy and acclimate to the NFL passing game. Oh yeah, Stephon Diggs too. Zach? Really nice kid, can be fun too watch at times but as much as I’d like to I just can’t understand what exactly it is about him that will allow him to make that leap. Except of course really really really wanting him to. I know people think I’m being sarcastic, but I really do think Flacco can make a run with this offense. At least I’m pretty sure has the best chance to.
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