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  1. If you really think about it pics are usually better than incompletes. Gets the offense off the field and keeps them rested . Basically a secret weapon.
  2. Well they actually kick the ball twice before they give it to them because “ f you ball!”
  3. That’s only because Mahomes has three times as many TDS and that means the other team gets the ball. So basically TD passes are turnovers. If you think about it.
  4. He threw 4 pick in a single game. How many game’s should I base that off. Two then divide by two ?
  5. As of right now it’s all there is until it changes. We can debate if we think it will or won’t change but as of right now he’s simply terrible. Yes , shown good stuff but been awhile.
  6. Not even a semi realistic comparison. So just stop. Nothing I said is even debatable. It’s facts
  7. You left the part out were he came in fat out of shape and got injured and became a useless high paid turd. But carry on and swallow him whole if you like,.
  8. Do you have a car with no engine you occasionally get in and turn the key?
  9. Team is owned by a Woody and lives up to the moniker.
  10. Its awesome but at the same time I feel like i'm being made fun of on some level. Watch a game like last night and come to the board and see a thread," What do you think of Marcus Maye?" Honestly the joke is 100% on us. The Steelers/Jags was another amazing game and a lesson of just how sad it is to be a Jet fan.
  11. Well then enjoy that one quarter of football brother.
  12. Be another 100 point scoring palooza like Monday night. 88-12 Pats.

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