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  1. See thats my point. Good porn is funny porn. I actually almost worked in one of those places but the owner didn't want to spring for the crane I would have needed to get my gut out of the way. I always wonder what could have been.
  2. Poor Mick, he's being victimized by those big bad mean girls, he has to protect himself.
  3. No way. My stage name is "Hungry Hungry hip flow".
  4. Dude, in new porn woman are usually getting treated in a rather degrading and humiliating way. The men are merely props. It's really awful. Thats why I like that Vivid girl on girl porn and old 70's porn. I like happy humpy and get a sandwich afterwards porn.
  5. Dude I was convinced you where kidding earlier. Now I realize what is really going on here. JiF has hacked your account.
  6. Im a delusional pessimist. I try and try to convince myself things are going to turn out ok, but deep down I know better.
  7. I agree with Garb. The new aggressive porn is a little to hostile for my taste. I like that old kooky dorky music 70's porn. I like to laugh when i spank.
  8. Holy crap. I posted the same thing without looking your post. VCWA rules.
  9. They also outweigh you by 150lbs. Fair fight in my opinion.
  10. I hope so. If not its going to take about 6 Big Macs, a pizza and half a diet coke before I could calm down enough to work this afternoon.
  11. Are you kidding me? Please tell me your kidding me. Please. Even if your not tell me your kidding me.
  12. I hope he is. Im getting a little heated sitting here thinking about it. I need to go McDonalds and eat down my hostility.
  13. It's set. When you and I can get to the same game we will have to bust some lines. Nice. I could human beat box too.
  14. Dude? OMG Do you know badly I would damage you if you did that to one of my daughters? Maybe it's the type of girl your involved with? I will hope you never date a girl with a father like me.
  15. No but those zero's in his bank book make him attractive. One of my Dads friend was a very successful investor. Ugly dude with gorgeous woman. Would always tell us "10 million dollars make a turd look sexy."
  16. Wouldn't be the first time he forgot to wear a helmet.
  17. Me and my brothers would take dfifferent parts of the songs and do them for my dad. My old man would just sit their sipping his Chivas Regal and put his head in his hand and sigh. It was ****ing awesome.
  18. I love that song. I know almost every song off that NWA album.
  19. Night at the Roxbury is Crusher's all time favorite horrible movie.
  20. No, all my employees find me funny and pick on me all the time. The Sanford and Son tone has to do with the fact my 11 and 13 year old boys come to the office after school and hang out doing homework in my personal office. Let's just say it's a little cluttered in that bad boy ever since I got rid of the file cabinet and got a foosball table.
  21. Me I would have started hoping she was getting ready to give me road head.
  22. He should save this apology for the little girl with the big forehead he slapped around. Then he should apologize to us for wearing that shirt.
  23. My wife got us Tickets to the upcoming show at Fedex field. Im still hoping she decides to take a friend.
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