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  1. Yikes, maybe helpful to tell this earlier?
  2. I would have thought Id have a chance to put on a suit, but ok. Good luck family, you have what you need. I love you all.
  3. Night 1 Watch Doggin- AVM Jet things show up Night 2 Watch Doggin- EY/SMC show up Night 3 follow AVM- he goes to EY Night 4 follow Vic- he stays home and masturbates with bacon grease Night 5 follows JB- 1st to sharrows and 2nd to woody's
  4. I have to go back to work. I will be back when I can. I gave you guys everything I can think of. I will check in as I can. I love you all.
  5. No Im not. I can only track or watch. That means I can track any player and see where they go at night. I don't know what they do, but I know where they go. If I watch them, I sit outside their house and I could watch who went in. I can't see what is being done but I know who was their. I don't know if you killed Woody. I just know I saw you leaving his house and Sharrow house last night. Now I could only track you because you the one I chose to track. Somone could have went to the house after you and poped Woody. But, I wouldn't know because I chose to track you. Mostly because of Ey's corny accusation of you and your lame response back and how you acted how you where the only one that new EY was dirty. I was going to track Jif or JmJ, but my last minute read turned me onto to you. I highlighted these because when CTM gave me my role I was cofused at first. but got the hang of it. Got ya Babe.
  6. Thats cause she has nothing else. Look at the game. I went from harrasing Vic to stating how I believed in him. I watched Vic's house one night that two people died and he never left. Thats why I came off Vic.
  7. Im not sure why slats. But, she went for Sharrow last night too.
  8. Listen up. Last night I was going to track wither JiF or JmJ. But read through the post a last time. I notived how EY attcked Jetsbabe and then her reaction was as made up as can be. So I took a shot and followed her, I was right.
  9. I can't track roles, I can only watch houses and follow people. I do have immunity. Last night I tracked you and you went to woody's and Sharrow.
  10. No, I can't. I can only follow someone to a house or watch a house of someone.
  11. Pile on? Theirs only one maybe two of you rats left. I saw you last night go into Woody's and another players. Two in one night. nice.
  12. I hope. Like I said I can only put her thier at 100%, didn't see her pull the trigger. But I guessed last night and I got her. I almost watched BG the first night instead of Doggin, do to the wipe out the good but less active players. but switched to Doggin.
  13. It's not logic Slats. I saw her at Woody's last night. Use your own logic.
  14. \ Dude I followed her instead of JMJ or JiF last night mainly because of the last thing EY posted about her and her reaction. Doggin and I did that same thing a few games ago. Only for us it worked.
  15. i also think it's possible a mafia can hit two a night? Not sure but seems like that maybe. Maybe the two hit thing makes up for some of the family foot soldier having a hit immunity.
  16. Only if you think JB being at Woody's last night is suspicious. I mean JB and Woody's at night might not be that far fetched, but in this game it wreaks rat.
  17. I followed JB last night she left Woody's house and another players as well. I think their is a one hit immunity in this game for foot soldiers. But JB was at Woody's last night. This I could gurantee. I have no proof is she pulled the trigger. But she was thier. vote JB
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