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  1. One kid stood out. He was kinda tall and liked making fun of the shorter heavier kids. He made fun of one of the kids I was in speech class with and I chased him all the way home. His dad and my dad came to school and I had to apologize. My father took me to the batting cage after that and gave me a talk about tolerance. I alwas thought he should have taken me to the park and have me do wind sprints. Then I may have caught him before he made it home and this all could have been avoided.
  2. Sign this beast... And include a file and some rope in the deal.
  3. Probably wasn't the wind. Some pit bull probably farted and swept the little fellow to the flatulence land of Oz. Damn pit bulls, kill them all.
  4. Never did. But I had a lot of people approach me in high school and tell me how they are glad I got my speech fixed. I always asked them why, and then stare at them as if I was expecting some enlightenment.
  5. I was bullied in elementary school because I had trouble speaking. All through school I was picked on and made fun of. Right up until about 6th grade I was teased terribly. People use to call me retard and dummy. Then it happen I started helping my uncle workout and started to train myself. I played football for the first time that year and didn't know much about the game, but did realize I liked to hit people. I like to hit them hard. 8th grade rolled around and the Crusher already weighed 205 pounds and was benching 300 hundred pounds. I was actually allowed to play freshman football in 8th grade because of my late birthday and natural bigness. Nobody picked on Crusher anymore after that. I never got into bullying anyone. Though when someone was being extra mean to someone I did like to kick their ass and even the playing field. Mean people suck.
  6. No kidding their. But maybe we will get lucky and this kid light it up? Not like a this franchise isn't sorta due for another franchise QB? I was 7 and bulking the last time a QB lead us to the promise land. I think it's time.
  7. Not the move I would have liked, but I do respect the effort. I hope Sanchez is the real deal.
  8. Seems to be pie and anything to help secure his pie.
  9. Honestly, best dog I have ever had around kids. But I do agree that making sure idiots or first time owners shouldn't have them is true. Any large breed comes with a certain amount of responsibility and know how. If raised incorrectly they can be dangerous, but so can any other breed. Truth is GOB, theirs a big difference between leaving your dog with an infant and having them around the kids. I trust him my dog with my kids. But I would never leave him alone around an infant or even an unfamiliar child. Yet, I could make that same statement for any dog I ever owned.
  10. Truly a sad story. But as an owner of a 2 year old pitbull I have to disagree with GOB"S solution. I have 5 kids ranging in age from 7 to 20 and my dog is the best family pet I have ever owned. I have had Great Dane, Bull Mastiff, and many a Doberman and German Shephard as a kid. My father Scgutzen trtained dogs for the military so as a child I spent time with dogs hanging of my arm as well. Pit Bulls are not overcrazed aggressive beast. They are actually very well adjusted for families and if handled correctly make wonderful pets. My kids can lay on, play tug of war with him andf even snatch food out of his mouth when he is eating. This dog has NEVER SNAPPED. Not once. Try that with another favorite bread and you might not like the result. The problem is pit bulls are very tenacious and are natural pullers. They love to grab onto things and pull them. I have a rope hanging off my tree with a knot and my dog will swing from it holding on by his teeth with my sons pushing him. He will play tug of war and drag them across the yard. My dog is also very good around other medium and large dogs. I have a friend who trainsBlack labs for bird hunting and my dog loves to go run around with the 7 or 10 dogs he has in his pen. Once in a while one of the alpha's will attack him, and my dog will react with a very convincing argument. We break it up and things cool down. Like Mick said earlier this jaw locking thing is urban legend. One thing I will say negative about the breed, because I'm not a piut bull homer by no means. I have noticed that my dog does find small things vert enticing, birds, squirrels. cats, possumns and the such. Even on lead I have to strong correct him when one of these pass his sight. Something with the size and the way they move drives him nuts. Other than that I have had a wonderful experience with this breed. I just think people need to be more responsible and know their pets. Dumb people shouldn't own big dogs and most of these are the same people who shouldn't have kids either. JMHO
  11. It's cool dude. I just was surprise that the most important muscle of all was so underdeveloped.

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