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  1. Toothpaste? Damn I new I forgot something.
  2. Turst him? He's thirteen!! I can't even trust him to put his clothes in a hamper, maybe on the hamper, next to the hamper, or sometimes even in the sink. He's a good boy and I want him to stay that way. I just don't think 6 teenage boyz running wild into all hours of the night is a very good idea. I keep my TV and computer clean of smut and what not, not sure what other parents do. Drinking and Drugs? OMG, now your going to make me sick.
  3. Happy birthday flushingjet. Sucky birthday Raoul.
  4. inside a girls monster nostrillo's
  5. We are in desperate need of a young franchise QB. Yet, Rex doesn't seem like the type that would give up any of his defense for it. Leon might be an interesting scenario.
  6. Whats the catch? Does it run great and get your hopes up for about 3 months then one day you come out and it turns into a ****ing horse and buggy?
  7. He's the oldest I have of 5. I personally think I'm pretty easy going for the most part. I'm pretty easy on him, I just don't like the whole "staying at a friends house thing". His friend had a sleep over birthday party and I wouldn't let him stay. I picked him up at 2am. So now I'm ruining his life, go figure.
  8. My 13 year old son when he tells me I'm unreasonable. Unreasonable? Little prick.
  9. I like this story, it's long on suck but short on accuracy. First of all, Canadian Police found me and I haven't eaten in days?,, are you ****ing kidding me? I may have not bathed, brushed my teeth or even changed my drawers, but trust me, The Crusher would have eaten something. Other than that the rest of the story is pretty accurate. But, you left out the part of how you know all this. Don't be shy Raoul, tell, tell. Never mind I'll do it. Suck child or The Crusher as it might be, ended up in Quebec Canada, where people talked funny. The Crusher thought they all had hair lips, but turned out they where just French. This most certainly sucked. So alone and frightened feeling like life couldn't suck any worse a strange little fella approached him. Crusher looked up and noticed a young girl standing their with a mustache. He thought this was peculiar but Crusher is Italian so a mustached woman wasn't really that odd, it just sucked. When he spoke that's the part that struck Crusher, "Hello my name is "Teh Ghey", what is yours?", Crusher simply said "That sucks". Teh ghey was male but wore a dress and had eye make up on. He asked Crusher if he could come with him to visit the Horizon and Crusher was very sad and full of teh suck so said yes thinking it might suck less if he had a companion.. On their way Crusher noticed some woman standing on a street corner. These where something Crusher never seen before. They where French Who-as. Crusher like these French Who-as, they kinda reminded him of his friend Teh Ghey. Crusher and Teh Ghey approached the Who-as and asked if they sucked, they said yes, but it cost 7 dollars. This sucked because they didn't have 7 dollars only one daollar each. So Teh Crusher offered both dollars to the Who-as and they where nice enough to give him and Teh Ghey a lap dance. The Crusher and teh ghey both thought to tehmselves, Man, this doesn't suck. All of a sudden the Who-a dancing for Teh Ghey started to flash and teh gay's dress turned into a pair of pants and his eye make up turned into a very thick unibrow, that sucked, and Teh ghey fell on the ground. This was Teh Ghey's Fairy Sucukmother.He jumped up and siad, "Im no longer teh Ghey". Crusher didn't care because he was to busy getting a lapdance. But after his happy ending he noticed that "Teh ghey" was no longer in a dress. He also noticed that his eye makeup turned into a large grotesque unibrow. Teh Ghey, told Crusher he would need a new name. The Crusher said, "how about Raoul?" Teh Ghey loved his new name and thanked the Crusher for his suckey new title. This is how Teh Ghey became known as Raoul. He's is no longer teh Ghey. But he still sucks.
  10. In a heartbeat. He should have been here in the first place. First Cutler then Flacco. This would right a great injustice.
  11. Suckmaster JiF makes an appearnce, YEAHHHH. I hope the level of suck is to your approval in this thread. Though a sure way to increase it is to lend your very original grass roots efforts to the suck. Wow, just sitting here and typing to you is making the suck grow stronger in me. Thank you for the motivation to suck at the level I've been achieving.
  12. It sucks that the suckiness of this thread bores you. But, we shouldn't get confused and think this means you don't suck. This just means you suck at a different level than the rest of us. You would be the Albert Einstein of suck. You are so gifted with the suck, that most of the suck community lacks the intellisuck to recognize the shear brilliance and suckiness of your suck. I have a funny feeling you may be in the running for the Lifetime Achievement Award for suck.
  13. My legacy of suck fails in comparison to your life's work of sucking. I could only hope to reach a level of heighten suckiness as Raoul Duke, "Lord of the Suck", now sucking at a theatre near you. I heard in it's earliest reviews it got 760 CSDBPSI's which make it the highest sucking production from a French performance ever. Bravo on the shear suckitude of your endeavor. I bow to your suckiness.
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