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  1. First off my sweet baboo and I don't stick our fingers anywhere. But, you speak about him again like that and mine might go in your eye you freakin stooge. Henry if you go back and read my earlier post I mention how I thought Fredo was trying a little too hard to dismiss the pressure on Michael. I felt he was doing everything he could to move passed it. So if Michael flipped scum I would think it may be a good indicator that Fredo was as well. yet if Michael flipped innocent you cold argue that Fredo may have playing the nice guy role and could also still be scum, it not perfect but it's what I have. I have learned that alot of the times we lock onto scum early but then let others points interfere with our opinions and innocents get killed. For now I do have to go back and look at a few other things and will try and post thruought the day. I hope this helps. Oh yeah.....**** you!
  2. After my 5th kid I had those swimmy bastids eradickated. Like as men we really need a reason to makes the love once a day. All you need is a willing participant or jergens and a computer.
  3. No Mick it wasn't two punches, he only mentioned two punches. What the hell the old geezer going to say, "Yeah, I pounded on his face like I was performing CPR on the Queen," The old guy was just being old sweet and humble after knocking the crap out of that dirtbag. brings a tear to my eye really.
  4. My wifes nape of her neck My wifes belly when she walks up to me when Im sitting Barbecue sauce sizzling off some meat on the grill a fresh shirt out of the laundry higher end cigars campfire freshly cut grass in a weird way gasoline hot asphalt (worked summers paving roads thru college)
  5. Dare to dream my friend dare to dream.
  6. Thats like Karma on Red Bull. Well done.;
  7. I guess we can say the same about you.
  8. Get a couple puppies to chase it around the house. Your welcome, end thread.
  9. Wait your not hijacking the only thread I have ever started in my life are you? Karma gonna come knocking.
  10. Sometime Karma needs a little boost.
  11. See Karma loves everyone. By the way, did you use a pocket knife or a screwdriver?
  12. My grandfather would always tell me, "Crusher you chubby bastid, you can protect people from everything but themselves". I would have taken your advice and baked you some muffins for sharing it with me.
  13. Everyday before lunch, I walk around the center my office is in, attempting to lose some weight and have my wife and cardiologist stop breaking my chops. Recently this thug-turdesque cretin has been zipping by me on his bicycle and recently I've had mild words with him. Bikes are actually not allowed on this walk. Today Karma sweet Karma made a fatman happy. He zipped by me today about 5minutes ago and as I called him a dick and stepped slightly in front of him he swerved and ran into a garbage can. It was so beautiful, the can exploded and he faced planted on the sidewalk. I walked over and asked him if he was ok and he responded with a **** you. I just smiled my big fat toothy grin and thought what a wonderful life. Please share similar stories.
  14. I don't like this thread. Reminds me of middle school. If I happen to respond by telling you to "kiss my caste", how many days would I be banned for?
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