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  1. I'm by far one of the least computer savvy types on this board, but couldn't anyone produce that screen shot to Chan and then post it for us to see? I didn't read where it was illegal to send fake PM's to the moderator in an effort to sway the vote. I'm not saying SCM argument isn't growing on me a bit, but this is strictly a tech question, kinda like whats the best HDTV?
  2. More than anything Vic is against the town getting taken for a ride. Or he may be doing that as part of something else. But, so far Vic's questions are similar to mine.
  3. Cool, I'd hate to ice pick ya in the temple.
  4. Dude your fat too? Never would imagine that. I do think we need to here some other people talk before we lynch. Most of the dialogue today is from the same few.
  5. Dude, I basically said EY can't be trusted. Brush up on your Crusher. Im agreeing with you and your getting uppity with me. Hence my he already has an excuse written phase.
  6. This is something The Crusher agrees with.
  7. Problem is for me. Doggin dies and is found innocent we lose a very good ally for the family and you and SMC could convince a trout to sunbath. The town mentality has proven itself very susceptible to the pied piper. EY Im not the most gifted thinker in this game. But my instincts are pretty good and SMC was the first one that made me nervous. Sorta like the time a guy sat next to me on the bus when I was 9 and told me I smell nice. I think we need to hear some more people chime in rather than the same guys over and over agin. JiF is going to talk once he gets home and gets a fresh shower and puts on something comfortable. Nice:hipp:
  8. The answer is NO. But Crusher's first rule is believe no one and trust one person less.
  9. So Doggin dying and being innocent automatically makes SMC and EY guilty? Hell they could give you fifty reasons why it doesn't. EY probably already has it written ready to launch it, thats a bright boy right their. SMC is a lawyer in real life thats what he does. Finding out the truth to SMC's claim seems to be the only real fact chckable conclusion. Might be negative and backfire, but it's the only one that gives us a definate. In real life we could hold him upside from the top of the compound but thats not an option.
  10. Is that why you started talking about his role before he even revealed it? Last game I thought early role reveals put the town in trouble? Maybe they still do? No?
  11. So we have two wanna be vigilante's? What the hell are we teaching our kids?
  12. True. Doggin knew the exact moment the #'s favored us and got me to drop the hammer. He doesn't really take chances. Like it's been said, he plays da numbers.
  13. He did go from hate mail to glee club pretty quick. At one time SMC was the guy to follow Irsh, no questions asked. Man, Im just picking things up like a super computer with a belly.
  14. It was one of the first games I played and I did nothing. I did almost lose it for us in the beginning. But, Doggin was masterful and made up with it by pulling the same thing that it seems EY and SMC are pulling now. Whacking one of your own to gain credibility. Doggin invented this from my vantage point and seems to be better at it than you guys are right now. For the record, other than Vic everyone(more active players) smells like rat to me. And no, it's not becdasue I haven't eaten yet.
  15. Your willing to let yourself get killed, but the longer you stay alive it allows for your team to get a better head start? Sounds like Vic, and CTM's strategy from last game. Dman,, oh no's. Why wouldn't any of Doggins assciated die today? How do we gurantee it by what he did? Now I know I'm a tuff one to decipher, but damn EY WTF do you mean by this? I don't think anything is guranteed except killing SMC and finding out if he is telling the truth. Everything else leads to more questions. Again though it would suck for the family to lose any advantage after the unfortunate death of our lawyer. Who by the way got cute and died, just like everyone always tells the Dr's not too. His comment about protecting Doggin just seemed scummy to me, taking in account EY's role up to that point. Or I just bought EY's poison for a quick second?
  16. Simply if SMC gets lynched we could check out his story and see if his role reveal is actual. The would be an absolute truth. Of course it would suck to lose the vigilante, but it would add some solid info to the game and damn some of his accuseres. Doggin's death would only serve us if he was actually dirty. If he turns out to be just another loyal member of the family, we got nothing excewpt another dead family members. The rest of this back and forth who shield who stuff is a little to confusing. Though I will say that Vic has seemed a little bit more hopnest than most of the other few that are leading this game. All this blocking and stuff is something I haven't encountered in a game yet. Sorta pissing me off because it's creating a little of crap thats easily mani[ulated and clouds the water.
  17. Wow I think that makes me ahead of my time.
  18. That's just ****ing peachy, now we have two vigilantes.
  19. I also think SMC's death is more likely to give more concrete yes or no type answers.
  20. Really? Funny I don't remember you saying that. Maybe you did, not sure where. You and Doggin seem to be sparring since early in the game.
  21. That does have it's appeal but that would only be true if you're not lying? Sorta like you meet a girl in the bar and she tells you she gives the best head of any woman ever. Yet, until she puts your junk in her mouth... It's only talk. Means nothing, just makes you start making bad decisions because you can think about nothng but that. Kinda the story of my first marriage. Sigh
  22. Almost like prophecy. I wonder why SMC decided to disloce now. What did the two of you have to gain from that?
  23. What's with the sudden lack of self esteem here?
  24. Chan hasn't been very strict during the day. Would it make sense for him to rush the night? I say no.
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