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  1. Maybe it's with another woman and a threesome is in your future.
  2. Uhh, hmmm, well, Yeah it was, you know, for the most part.
  3. Rex has proved he could talk shiit and back it up. I would say the fact that everyone mentions they want to play for the Jets says alot. Now he is here we don;t have to overpay for free agents, they would do anything to play here. He has proven that he can take a team within 30 minutes of the Superbowl with a rookie QB, and with a franchise history of tearing the hearts out of fans. All in his first year. What more could you want Barton? I believe in Rex and you should too.
  4. Good question but I would have to say for the average guy it's age dependent. When Iwas younger I would literally hump anything that stood still longer enough for me to get a running start. But as I got older my sex drive finally calmed down in my thirties where in most cases I would only get that thing going if it was hot. Truth is, CTM is exactly right, Booze cancels out everything. I banged a honeydew one time because I drunk so much and quite honestly it was a real nice melon. After the age of thrity, maybe after a divorce or areal bad breakup dudes needs change. They may completely break down and immediately marry the first honey they see and hopefully she still likes him after 3 years of marriage. Better keep your fingers crossed. If they stay single(recomeneded by Dr. Crushlove) after that , without a doubt they really only looked to tag woman they find attractive and worth the effort. Sex gets more expensive as we age. Just the way it is. Unless, which I will call the CTM principle, they get drunk they could bang a maniquene because they don;t move and are easy to catch. Trust me. So I will answer azz. My old lazy tired horny azz would only bang a woman I find hot. Of course being blessed to have found Ms Crusher, I crave for nothing except a new deep fryer before football starts.
  5. Actually I think its the opposite. It's so accessible these days with the internet is they never have to work for it. Just think how hard WE (our age) had to work at getting a playboy or hustler or old voiceless stag flcik. Made us appreciate the booty when we finally got a real one.
  6. \ Actually I use to try and get the switch halfway in between the channels and I could get a few minutes of scrambled boobies. Those where the days.
  7. Is it the fact that that every time I sit in my chair instead of squeeking it screams, "**** no!"?
  8. Hard tape to follow. The important thing is to have fun and be first in line for the after game snacks.
  9. Hey I used to know you when you had a full name.
  10. First off my son has issues when it comes to jerseys. He owns a fair amount and I quit buying them for him after Vilma left. The kids still wear his Johnny Abe authentic, I sorta feel responsible. Truth is my kids aren;t that into video game, they like to play outside, weird huh? Oh yeah if they need pron we keep it in the porn drawer, next to the emergency slim jims.
  11. Your a church mouse when you play. Elephants are afraid of mouses, nuff said. What you call freaky we cal Teh Awesome. No actually everyone else knew I was guilty but you where so convincing when you unvoted me it took them half the game to get around to cooking my fat azz . I <3 you, for real. I tried that auto erotic asphyxiation stuff once. Crusher style. I was enjoying a bucket of KFC while wanking and ended up getting a chicken breast cuahgt in my windpipe. Truth is if it didnt work out I would have died happy.
  12. Not rue. I got frustrated because it was big ol' CRusher out in the open and everyone wanted to cook me. Ive had that nightmare before it was a horror for me.
  13. The awesomeness of this thread will only be surpassed by the awesomeness of this game. Probably.
  14. The awesomeness of this thread will only be surpassed by the awesomeness of this game. Probably.
  15. My son used his lawn mowing and snow shoveling money and bought his all star jersey, for a 14 year old kid it's bad asss.
  16. Don't need your credit we got the W instead. For me Dan x and Pac are the MVP's. Pac bulldogged CTM, one of the best IMO, but Dan x won in the playoffs with another team. She came over and begrudgingly lead us to victory. Maybe an award for SMC for being so evil and diabolical along with brialliant on his first setup.
  17. Thats funny, you got great taste. When I still lived on the Potomac, thats almost exactly the boat I had. Problem is up keep on a boat like that is like supporting Tigers mistresses. But, tell you this. When the Rock Fish where hitting all the pain went away.
  18. I ran out of gravy I got crazy. My bad, please forgive me. I'd love to play.
  19. FAIL No way could you crack a food joke on Crusher and have him eating a computer screen? Please don't refer to Ms Crusher as lady Crusher. That would almost insinuate the at one time she was my lady friend. Knowing your evil dweeb genius, you mights of done that on purpose. Well played but caught.
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