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  1. unvote Doggin vote" EY Because if his first name was Kevin he would have the same initials as CTM's favorite jelly.
  2. vote: Teh Doggin because I got killed at L7 in his last game and Im still sorta miffed
  3. I would. But the challenge is I have a 22 1/2 inch neck. One of my kids favorite things to do is go in a shop that sells necklace and hold them up to my neck and laugh. With the occasional "holy crap mom" your neck is huge. Lovely they are the little darlings.
  4. See that bruise on his left flank. Thats where I knee'd that mother****er trying to get that fruit plate from him. His opulent titties caught my attention and he won out. We will meet again and the Crusher will be victorious.
  5. Don;t knock it, this may be the most successful sign up thread ever. Well done.
  6. Last night baby Crusher and I played The Maw before bedtime. Oh yes.
  7. Says the guy who pasted his head on the master chief. Gee Vic, you don;t say? LOL
  8. Yeah but I bet your read the **** out of any technical manuals you get with anything.
  9. In a related story David Blaines "street Magic" tour that was scheduled for Saudi Arabia this summer has been canceled.
  10. I don;t think any running back could stay healthy running the wildcat the way he does. he takes and gives big hits every time he touched the ball in that.
  11. Cool it now... new edition. God Bless little Booby Brown
  12. The thing is I really don;t make that many jokes. I just share my life with everyone and they laugh at me, just like real life.
  13. Mine too. I have 1320 restaurants on speed dial.
  14. Im not into the whole getting your nails done thing. I went one time with a friend and when I went to sit down the little asian nail lady jumped up yelled "Godzilla" ran into the street and got ran over by a car. I vowed never to do my nails again.
  15. Might want to wait till the next actual game because this one is going to be fast and confusing by design. Yes, both Dan X and I have finally admitted to the board we are chicks.
  16. Female poster posing as guy to fit in is actually reasonable and ok, matter of fact I do it myself. But, a male poster making believe he's a jet setting Euro trash party girl is just a little too crying game for me.
  17. Yes she does, she just makes believe she's a dude when she does. Just like when the two of you have the sex.
  18. Nothing really happening. Oh yeah by the way Dan X is a chick.
  19. Honestly I had no idea. CTM probably knew because he's a pre-surgical Tranny and they usually pick up on that stuff. All I know is Im excited not to be the only chick in the game since Jetbabe left. Not that she ever made it past day 1.
  20. I h8t u2 but I think everyone who plays mafia should eventually be honest and admit to being girls. I really feel liberated

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