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  1. Noted. Dude I know you got stuff going on at work, but damn your not being yourself. You have barely said a word, and your usually leading the charge. I barely want to smack you in the head this game. Im concerned.
  2. For the sake of getting another player involved unvote:WP, for now and vote: sharrow come on man, give us a little something to go on.
  3. You seem angst. Maybe you have something you need to tell me?
  4. I'm paraphrasing, I just learned it yesterday. Get me a day or so to get it right?
  5. Jokes? What you mean jokes? What am I a ****ing clown? Am I here to amuse you? Am I here to ****ing amuse you? You mean funny? Funny how? I make you laugh?
  6. Or he could go with Gay Cutlet and half the board would vote him off and the other half would suck his dick.
  7. For me in the beginning it was the inactivity at first. Then you came back and was getting ready to clear your innocence, challenging any questions, then you dissapeared without answering a single one. I know it's your style, as you say not to do much the first day. This pisses me off too, because I'm fat and not sure why the fat guys gotta do all the first day work. Not to mention last game, you sorta exploded when you where approached. You turned out guilty. Being the first day that about as much as we have to go on anyone. Though JY aka Humpy boy, is a close second with his, "Im watiing for Woody to vote crap". Maybe he meant he's waiting with his woody for his wife to get home? Not sure.
  8. No you played the "my wife just got back in town and I have to hump her till I forget my name card". Much better card, but you still seem scummy, just not as scummy as Woody in my opinion. Close though.
  9. You lay low? No way right? Not like last game when some filthy zombie ********er laid low and came back just in time to win the game. In the process making a very hard working fatman look stupid. No way would you do anything like that. No way. FU
  10. No, she's 24 and knows how to operate my phone. I'm black. Duh!!!
  11. Stop being an elitist and spit in your hand like the rest of us schleps.
  12. If he claims Dr this time Im gonna crap in my hand and fling it at him. I can only take so much.
  13. Any real man should be happy to kick in $10 to protect this asset to American man culture. If I had one of those my fat ass would never have to stand up. (sniff) (sniff)
  14. I felt bad after yesterday still having my default tone. So I got my secretary to download the theme to Sanford and Son for me. It rocks.
  15. You seem more lost than guilty to me honestly. I happen to know a lot about being lost in this game. Believe that. Same thing with all the new players. Woody is the one that pings my scum detector. The strong silent mute type.
  16. Oops didn't realize I edited it thought I just quoted myself. Sorry guys.
  17. Woody plays mafia like a mute with a sore throat, he doesn't really say anything. I too would like to hear a little more out of him. I'm going to unvote:Danx, and vote-woody because I want to hear this bird sing. He tells us to ask him anything and then he offers nothing after that. Speak up Woody. That damn smiley was an accident I hit the freaking D.
  18. Im going back to work, just ate lunch and boy am I sweaty. Be back around 8ish. Try to pop in here and their.
  19. Shut up Cat rectum boy, no way I could afford that much bacon, my head is huge.
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