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  1. It looked more to me like the face my mom used to make when I jacked a pork chop off one of my brothers plate. Somethng most people would find odd, yet something normal for them.
  2. Mods please merge with the breast implant bomb threat. RIP
  3. Guy must be a loose cannon all the time because the ting I noticed is the players barely flinch when he snatches their sticks and start smashing away. They look like its almost a normal occurence.
  4. Your better off too. no way anything good comes from listening to Dink 182 or Greengay. But ABBA? Listen to that and your chance of scoring a hot cougar go's up 300%. No doubt.
  5. Thats usually makes them easier to win.
  6. I love yardwork. Yet this year is sorta tough for me. The snow absolutely destroyed my yard. Bunch of broken bushes and trees. Even one of my favorites. Plus my metal shed collapsed from the snow so my lawnmower is trapped under sheet metal. Dont need it yet. Was going to get into it this weekend but the rain down here was terrible. I also have 40 foot of gutter on the ground from all the snow. My yard is usually one of the really nice ones but right now it has a certain foreclosure chic to it.
  7. Yes I was kidnapped because Im too fat too hide. I believe Im being held in a van down by the river. **** you skinny faggots. Go fatties.
  8. With my oldest daughter who is 21 I never got that feeling from her. She always seemed interested in what I said and at least made believe she was listening. 7 years later I have baby Crusher at 14 and he gives me a look like he's passing a kidney stone when I talk to him. I could see the absolute pain in his eyes whenever I start in slightly soap boxing. The funny thing is his crew of food pirates who plunder my home weekly always want to talk to me. The times I do lay knowledge on the childrens Baby Crusher always tries to take and argue the oppsosite point. I let him flex in front of his boys and then I use my superior intelect to dismantle his argument. Usually a "Homo says what?" does the trick.
  9. Personally I loved the death scene, you are mod-a-liscious. Im gonna miss Kleck.
  10. In other words gunior will get back to us after happy hour and giving the sausage award to tonights lucky female. Happy hunting.
  11. I've stopped trying to be funny since it isn;t working. Plus the beginning of these games is about funny, this part is about winning.
  12. Funny to me. Now all of a sudden Klecko is being Klecko. Like real Klecko, not Klecko trying to be Klecko. The case against you, at least for me is not non-existent it's three headed. The simple question did you act the way you did after you voted bvecause 1.) you where just being yourself or 2.) Your scum for the first time and got frustrated that your being sniffed out 3.) This is really your 1 1/2 game and your innocent and reacted angrily to being accuse. The Pac part is just icing on the cake. I have gone from one possibility to the other this entire game about you. I even threw a nasty little jab at you to see what Klecko I got and I think maybe you where just being yourself. Or Im being fooled, also lynching you would be informative but at this point any of the lynches would be informative in this order Kleck (slightly) > Bleedin > Irish. Yet for me Irish's slip up is the closest to a real thing we have. I think maybe I need to throw more jabs at you to figure it out, only kidding and I apologize if I offended. It's a game and sometimes you gotta mix it up. Or if your a mafia sociapath like Pac you mix it up every post.
  13. I actually feel funny. I feel myself constantly and it's pretty funny.
  14. First off JVOR's super hero game I was the joker and I had a post restriction to be funny every post or he was going to mod kill me. Also Ive popped numerous good ones and been rppd 4-5 times for my lack of funniness. Or maybe people are rpping me for my insight and statistical analysis?
  15. So me not being funny this game is why you repped me for this post? Dude your just spouting crap and it's starting to stink. Moronic? So all you can do in response to my post is lie and then apply Im a moron? Fine **** you, you coke bottle glasses wearing mongoloid. I could do this either way.
  16. Actually Kleck your life IS on the line and we ARE the jury. Sorta the way of the game. The case on you is something you will see every single mafia game, somebody who is gregarious has a rather calm first day and people get suspicious. Then a couple votes fall and the person comes back just going off hurling insults and threatening to never play the game again. Your not alone in this, many of the players here have done this. It's not really about you Kleck, it's about the game and how most view it. If anything your getting more leeway that most because your usually a pretty excitable fella and we all know that. I've seen supertrains form and lynch on others almost instantly and they didn;t react nearly as intense as you had. Im not sure on anyone, but IJ's slip up or laziness and your outburst are as concrete as anything in this game. For me it's something more than metagaming on Bleedin.
  17. Wow that was really Sherlock Homes-ish. The scum thing Im not really sure, Bleeding is slippery, I dont get a bad vibe but I never do with him. SK? kinda like the wildcard. Town I would say would be my guess.
  18. Fair enough. Maybe Bleedings duping us and we get lucky. I just dont feel it.
  19. First off Ive gave my reasoning on IJ earlier when I voted for him. Trying reading the damn thread you dirty ape Secondly I also explained earlier in the thread that I didn't really have a reason for my first vote on Kleck other than a joke, but after him only being very superficial in his involvement day 1 I started thinking something was off. His reaction today struck me as normal for Kleck but as I read it a second time I agree it feels forced. The vote on Bleedin seems like metagaming. He's getting railroaded on his name. Yet, he has toasted me in almost every game we played so who knows?
  20. Im glad your coming to grips with it. Up till that game I barely hated you.
  21. You are always so excited to lynch someone. We have no deadline and though day one is a carapshoot the information gathered is important for the rest of the game. It's the only time the town gets to gather information is during the daytime, why you so interested in night? I applauded him because he slowed down a lynch that really has no solid reasoning. I can think of two people I'd rather vote for in Irish or Klecko, either would do for me.
  22. Your play should be only done by yourself in a pile of tissues.
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