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  1. Dude Im so barrel chested and short armed that when I get to the actually lift I barely have to press just breathe. LOL
  2. No way. If they bring any C's in my house the letters o-o-k-i-e-s better be close, real close.
  3. Tiny ROM? We should talk bench press. LMAO
  4. No way dude. I used to compete in the 400 pound yolk walk when I did strongman comps. I've never had a Ponderosa tray passed 250.
  5. Dude Im only 5' 8.5" and have a 27 in inseam, when I repped my ass just about touched my calves. I weighed 287 at the time. A mere baby really.
  6. Actually I did 765 in 2005 on a Monolift @ Fit Tech Gym in Dahlgren Va. 4 months later I had both legs busted in a car accident.
  7. You will never come within 300 pounds of my best squat ever. Now thats smack talk.
  8. Nom nom nom nom nom nommmed.
  9. 40 guys? Volunteers? Kerry Rhodes? Shoot I would be more intimidated to try and wrestle the last McNugget away from Rex after a 20 piece.
  10. Careful its not nice to make assumptions. Have to make sure it doesn;t interfere with dinner Repp'dLMFAO Try a laxative and nix the cheese.
  11. Beloved? Who the hell refers to a football team as beloved? The Dolphins beat us twice and we are a .500 team. The insecurity you refer to is just frustration on the 40 year drought and trolls from other teams making attempts to be funny by using words like Beloved.
  12. You are on a roll, very funny lately, hope you stay around.
  13. I feed them, clothe them and only throw beer bottles at them when they get C's on their report card.
  14. I hope you have kids because you would make a way better father than me. Un=conditional love is another word for Bitonti.
  15. Then get his azz some weed, granola and a couple yoga classes.
  16. Im sure you and your room mates in the basement of the AFC east will have a good time discussing how you both beat the guys upstairs as your season winds down to its miserable conclusion.
  17. The pulling of the pony tail may have been a display of poor sportsladyship to some but for me it showed potential.
  18. I would puff my chest out with pride with any win no matter how ugly the Jets pull off. No such thing a s a good loss or a bad win. Winning is good losing is bad every single time. 2nd game we could right off as one of those things, but the first game Sparano out coached Rex and his team out played us. Weird to me ragging on a team that swept us.
  19. I listened to all of them and they all sound just like the music that plays on the pop stations ans its neither bad nor good its just music.
  20. Larry johnson is too stupid for Twitter, how stupid that is we don;t know yet.
  21. Other than kick our asses twice this season Sparano is a doody head.
  22. Without proper Ninja training that could be tragic.
  23. He was awesome on the Steelers and then like most old azz people, went to Miami and retire.
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