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  1. OMG, I was sitting with my cousin during one of Abe's first games and he went around the end to the QB like nothing we seen. We just stared at each other and a piece of cheese fell out of my mouth. Guy could have been one of the best ever if he stayed healthy. His speed around the end is something you see once every ten years.
  2. Chad: Hello Mark, Im here to help Mark: awesome, lets practice the deep throws Chad: laughs Ctm: Cries
  3. First of all your thread was very sad so I decided to talk about shaving my nuts. Not my fault sirpantsalot is trying to kill me. Maybe you would get laid more if you tidy up your nutsuck a little. You could put it on your Harmony.com account. Pragmatic Bus: nice guy, funny,. drives prius, nice clean shiny nuts. Winner right their. The woman will come in swarms.
  4. Due Im not looking to off myself. Im just looking to spruce up my nuts a little bit.
  5. See thats why I think the electric razor is a bad choice for ball shaving. Damn things have no souls. Gotta go with the razor and cream.
  6. Im going to let this go because I realize its nothing more than sarcasm. I just went into the kitchen and looked for the sake of looking and no way my nuts fit in a toaster.
  7. That does sound nice. My new Mach III has that little vibration function. I'll have to consider using it, why hole back? I think I deserve it.
  8. Or you can shave your nuts and make that lady in your life feel like a princess. Say yes to love.
  9. Traction. Its all about traction. With the right amount of tug, enough shaving cream and enough booze in ya to eliminate the shakes and your fine. You can count it as one of your wifes gifts for Christmas. Shaving my nuts and one of those fancy new infrared toasters is the front runner for options of Ms Crusher this year.
  10. Shave your nuts first thing in the morning? What kind of animal are you?
  11. Honestly. Ive never shaved my nuts and thinking maybe tonight should be the night. I just got this new Mach3 razor and some fancy spancy shaving my nuts. Seasons over no chance for playoffs, but the possibility to have nice smooth nuts is still attainable.
  12. I think Im going to shave my nuts before I go to sleep tonight.
  13. In between emotional burst of tears and bouts with Tourets syndrome, yes exactly that.
  14. Actually Kleck I forgot what win feels like. Maybe win feels like a porno stache, I dont know, and this is what worries me.
  15. Doesn't help. he always has that constipated look on his face. I don;t trust constipated people, they are always holding sh1t back.
  16. As a friend from the interwebz someone should take your keys and drive you home. Your either too drunk to type or absolutely ****ing crazy.
  17. I wonder if Rex is sitting at home in front of the mirror considering buying an Ab rocker and improve his image.
  18. Prag didn;t it take Cowher like 12 years or so to win a Superbowl in Pittsburgh?
  19. No kidding. I sat in the front seat of my receptionist's mini cooper and I was expecting someone to start throwing dirt on my face. Fatness produces a functional claustrophobia.
  20. High scool, he could definately couch ankle biters.
  21. That's Max is all class. People who throw food on the ground are filthy animals.
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