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  1. Holy crap, my wife would be huge. I on the other hand would be very sexy. Hmmmm, I just realize something. I would never touch my wife if she was my size. I on the other side would wank myself into a dehydration coma and die. Either way things work out.
  2. Your such an alpha. I'm on my way to Mickey D's, can I get you anything?
  3. I bet he has the skin suit to prove it. "More lotion"............
  4. Seems to me that this guy has forgotten exactly what he is. A civil servant. It's his job to serve and protect, not get in a bad mood and judge someone because they seem agitated. I'm not the brightest bulb in the box, but I would think that most people who call 911 would be a little agitated, it being an emergency hot line and all. Sad thing is their are a lot of officers who go out and risk their life's everyday and some narcissistic numb skull like this makes them all look bad. Though I do believe a Crispy Cream gift card could have prevented this tragedy from happening.
  5. Wow. You must spend a ton of money on woman.
  6. I happen to be a kind soul who wishes no harm on anyone. Now train that same cat to sneak into a barbecue joint and bring me back say... twelve sandwiches
  7. That's how you spell Klecko when your fingers are three times bigger than the keys on the keyboard.
  8. mostly because I really don't know you and made this observation based on reading your post while I've been here. I'm a peaceful person, but like to make jokes. If I upset you please feel free to call me a twelve sandwich eating triple chinned fat bastid.
  9. I have a funny feeling if any of the woman on thyis board answered this question in a game manner, the male population would disappear for a few minutes and 7 threads of "whats your favorite hand lotion" would appear here in the lounge.
  10. I love Kelcko cause he looks out and protects us who can't protect ourselves.
  11. I left JI because somebody threaten to kick my ass.
  12. \ Who the **** needs the beach when you have fried chicken?
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