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  1. Nothing worse than a criminal going to jail. Pitty really.
  2. Wouldn't have to actually hide the bannana yourself then?
  3. Why are you watching gay porn in the first place?
  4. It's stuff like this that makes me think all five of my kids would have been better off spent into a sock. Tuff time to be a parent.
  5. The Beastie Boys do something not many rappers can. They transcend generations. I have followed them since the first time I heard them. My sons are 11 and 13 and can't stop jamming out to them. Hell I just put the intro to sabotage as my ringtone. It makes me feel all street and stuff.
  6. Verde thank you. I've spent half my life wondering who the hell is the damn "they" that is telling everyone these interesting tidbits. It adds a certain comfort to my life that I'm not the only one. I do think whoever the hell is the "they" needs to come out of hiding and speak up for them damn selves. Either that or I'm eventually going to have to get up put down my sandwich and go looking for them. God help them if Im hungry when I get their.
  7. They refused to let him dance around the locker in his underwear of fear it would take Tom's mind off the game.
  8. Actually I have the updates E mailed to my account, after 30 updates you get a free pair of ballerina shoes. Crusher is a mean toe dancer.
  9. This is the only one of the beutiful array of flintstones cereals I couldn't do work on. All the colors reminded me of getting five different colored gum balls and chewing them all at once. The flavor just becomes too diverse and not very good on the palate. Now Cocoa pebbles? Shoot I considered shanking one of my brothers with a soup spoon after he ate the rest of a box. My mother caught me in the driveway trying to sharpen it to a point, stepped in and I ended up having to settle for the stale box of whatever healthy cereal that sat lonely in the cupboard. This was a tuff time for me.
  10. Or you could stay and crank one out at the hottest chick in the offices desk and feel like lord conquest the next time their is an office party.
  11. I tried taking naked pictures of myself in high school too, Sure enough they got leaked. Next thing I know Green Peace was at my door. Trying explaining that too my mother.
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