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  1. The thing is I really don;t make that many jokes. I just share my life with everyone and they laugh at me, just like real life.
  2. Mine too. I have 1320 restaurants on speed dial.
  3. Im not into the whole getting your nails done thing. I went one time with a friend and when I went to sit down the little asian nail lady jumped up yelled "Godzilla" ran into the street and got ran over by a car. I vowed never to do my nails again.
  4. Might want to wait till the next actual game because this one is going to be fast and confusing by design. Yes, both Dan X and I have finally admitted to the board we are chicks.
  5. Female poster posing as guy to fit in is actually reasonable and ok, matter of fact I do it myself. But, a male poster making believe he's a jet setting Euro trash party girl is just a little too crying game for me.
  6. Yes she does, she just makes believe she's a dude when she does. Just like when the two of you have the sex.
  7. Nothing really happening. Oh yeah by the way Dan X is a chick.
  8. Honestly I had no idea. CTM probably knew because he's a pre-surgical Tranny and they usually pick up on that stuff. All I know is Im excited not to be the only chick in the game since Jetbabe left. Not that she ever made it past day 1.
  9. I h8t u2 but I think everyone who plays mafia should eventually be honest and admit to being girls. I really feel liberated

  10. Hey isn't Arizona the place with the Crazy Sheriff that makes inmates where pink underwear? Too funny.
  11. So what your saying is she reminded you of your lady friend?
  12. This is exactly why I havent told anyone before. By the way "their real and they're spectacular."
  13. Just ignore integrity he's on of those JI rejects. He comes from a board where men pose as woman.
  14. No kidding. It was hard for me too. Making all those fat jokes and making believe I was all not sexy and stuff. Wooohooo girl power.
  15. No really I really am a chick. A hot one too. Like wicked hot. Although I probably could stand to lose a couple pounds.
  16. Thats would be a very confusing statement to somebody trying to cut back on drinking.
  17. Sorry to come back from the dead. But I just saw Smashmouth in the Vernon Gholston thread. Maybe if Norway doesn;t find his way Smash can take it.
  18. If Vernon was a musician he would be the first mute front man.
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