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  1. my dog actually looks like a little big headed person if I take the picture far enough away. Just saying.
  2. I for one would kiss Joe Namath dead on his booze soak-en lips. Twice.
  3. Damn Broadway, your saying that like it's a bad thing.
  4. I think he's funny as hell. If we can't laugh at our GQ pretty boy QB, then I for one will start to cry. Integrity28: "Keeping fatman from crying everywhere".
  5. It's ok to ask him to define it, just don't ask him to spell it.
  6. Bingo, just mentioned that. Wow, either Im getting smarter or your getting dumber.
  7. Just because it makes cents, doesn't mean I have to like it. One of my favorite non-Jets players as a kid was Butkus, the guy screamed brutality. Thats a football player to me. Truth be told, I've bought 2 jerseys for my boys so far. I guess I should go get one for each of my girls, considering that seems to be the target audience. Yeeeesh.
  8. I like your good looks but your not the QB of my team. your just cerebrally sexy.,
  9. He's a gym rat because he like football or he's a gym rat because it makes him feel pretty? If he loves the game then he should try playing a couple downs on the NFL level before taking pictures and acting like Zoolander. This is just going to make him a bigger target for the bull**** NY media if he has a slow start. Sometimes these guys read that stuff and it gets in their head. What ever happen to blue collar and humble?
  10. I think it sucks. I want a ballplayer at QB with his mind on the game. Not a freakin underwear model.
  11. So your telling me that you parade around with hyper caloric chicks the same way you do the hot sexy aerobically gifted? nope...try again.
  12. Im pretty sure I agree with this. I would have like to see Sanchez throw and maybe complete a freakin pass before starting a second career as a........ whatever the hell. Isn't this one of the reasons we didn't want Leinert? Whats next? Sanchez in a picture giving heavy set coeds a beer bong? This saddens me. I have to de-Sanchez my avatar. I
  13. Matter of fact, yes. He had some hysterical funny parody post at JI. But, I only read over their and seldom post anymore. I was hoping he would throw some of that funny our way so we can all take part and have fun. Instead he comes over here whining like a misplace homemaker on the Dr. Phil show. Probably more disappointed than jealous.
  14. You been here for 8 days and still no funny. Why are you just coming here to whine about your 24 hour ban from JI and not bring the funny? Nothing but love for you, but your all hating on us with no funny. Instead I finally get to look at this thread and your having a lovers spat with DWC. At least Im assuming thats who that is. Im sad and dissapointed.
  15. I like to shower. It's the only time I'm allowed to sing and nobody yells at me. Though lately I've been having a little trouble with the Misses over the shower situation. We just put a brand new fancy stand up glass shower in the master bathe. So after a month I go to look for my Irish Spring(that and lever 2000 my faves), and it's missing. In it's place is this faggy sponge on a stick and this bottle of sissy smelling slime. At first I though they where my wifes but the sponger was green and white and the slime stuff said for men. Immediately I got out of the shower and approached the misses and she explained to me that regular soap produces a film that is too hard to clean off the shower walls. Telling me thats what happen to the old shower and that she has been meaning to talk to me about it. So I tried to clean with this stuff and it was miserable. That damn faggy sponge thing wouldn't lather up and the slimey sutff smelled like prettiness. So I finally got my beutiful washclothe and soap back and had to promises my wife I would buy another shower when my soap ruins this one. In the mean time a friend of mine told me of this stuff to spray on the shower walls and that would prevent it from happening. I'll try that.
  16. Im with you on this one. Corn Dogs always intimidate me. First of it's usually on a stick and I have an irrational fear of splinters. Secondly, Im not eating anything that is covered up that myself nor my wife haven't made ourselves. Who the hell really knows whats under that batter. No way. I like my Hot Dogs with freshly chopped onions and a 1:3 ratio of Heinz ketchup and Frenches mustard. You can save those fancy mustards for the in crowd.
  17. Isotoner commericls and Slimfast commercials > ringless football career
  18. He's no better than a broken phone...............ringless.
  19. Vic, no way pennigton has that much range of motion in his right arm.
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