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  1. If your not mafia I will never play this game again. Im the Dr. Im sorry. I have to drive home now. I hope this is over. Im actually getting pissed off, and thats against Ms Crushers rules.
  2. Becasue I have a restriction on saving people. I think Vic is scum.
  3. Same reason why Doggin told me to attack him when we played together. After outing Woody nobody thought you where scum. You where untouchable. Having not saved you I thought this was a cleaver trick.
  4. Yeah Vic, Im the Godfather of EY's bland game. I guess I don't have the temperment to play this game. The point is this and then Im leaving for home. Lynch me and you will find out how dumb I am. Im sorry for that.
  5. Nope. I got excited to be the Doc and made a dumb post to JiF. It haunted me for the hole game. I was paranoid and didn't want to let the town down. Vic claiming when he did made me think it was a scam. Someone said do a coin flip. So I did. but after that everyone kept telling me how the doc saved Vic. I didn't. Vic started pressing me so I figured they knew I was the Doc. i messed up, but Im not lying.
  6. You got Woody. I could have picked Woody. For the sake of all thats holy, he showed up with a cerebellum in his mouth. Nice work cop.
  7. No Bleedin,. This is bad. your one of the only ones I trust. Vic is dirty. How the hell did he survive three nights if I didn't save him.
  8. Im the Doc not a cop. But, alot of players where really interested in claiming Vic as some diety. The whole time praising the Doc for saving him. Go back and look at the poster who where most into selling Vic's cop claim. Remember we only have a couple choices 1. Im lying, Im not 2. Vics mafia and not the cop... so anyone aligning with him is scummy, some players are harder to fool than others, the players supporting him are too smart to be fooled 3. Mafia didn't go after Vic because they thought he was safe, this one will be proven tonight... if Im wrong, I owe EY a huge apology
  9. Thats interesting because when you come back with me being guilty and I get lynched. People are going to be a little confused.
  10. Listen ski boy. I never saved Vic, I think he and a couple other players are taking us for a ride. If Im wrong, Im sorry. Don't you have a chairlift to catch or something?
  11. Only because everybody kept assuming I saved Vic and Vic's the Cop. I didn't, and I have read this game really well, and I think I know who the real cop is. Last night I saved that person, tonight I'm allowed to save anyone I want. I was feeling kinda lost man, so **** it, before I get voted off I wanted to put it out their.
  12. No, I did not. Vote me off. See Im not lying and I'll end my mafia career. I do feel bad though.
  13. I screwed up here on post 49 and thought for sure the mafia knew who I was. So I played accordingly. I do apologize.
  14. me, me, and Im not gonna give you the last but its not Vic. Im really sorry if I meesed up the game, but I honestl screwed up and wanted to get help getting a grip on things.
  15. I'm not sure if your sum. I just know I never saved you. What does that tell you? Another Doc, you have magic powers, or someone picked up early I was a Doc, and try to make a play for me the night no kill turned up.
  16. Vic, i actually said it when I was playing with JiF, by accident. Go look at the very first post of the game. I mentioned it. This had made me nervous that the brighter scum already knew. This is why I'm divulging, because I don't think we know who the cop is.
  17. Shut up Vic. I actually think your scum to be quite honest. This cat and mouse game you have been playing with me is starting to wear on the Crusher. I don't think your the cop. I really don't.
  18. He's mad because I know something he doesn't wasnt you to know. Thats why he has been pushing me.
  19. Yes actually, I was. Besides I think they already knew so It was making it hard for me. I know something nobody knows and it's sorta difficult for me to decide what to do. I actually slipped earlier in the game and not sure if the zombies caught it. Im not joking. I'm sorta confused how to play it.
  20. Only takes six to lynch and Vic has been pissing me off.
  21. \ Too late Vic, what you think now. I have more to share, but maybe you don't want to hear no more.
  22. You shut up because I saved you at one point, keep pissing me off and I won't.
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