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  1. I heard texting has been successful in treating people who are chronic nosepickers.
  2. You sure she chose not to talk you face to face for fear of your chronic halitosis?
  3. This is very true. My father bought a farm in Upstate NY when he retired and does Great Dane, Doberman and Race Horse rescue. He houses the animals and has a group of people help him place them in homes. My father also trains these dogs to be companion dogs so they are easier to place. If you are hell bent on buying a pure bred dobe, this is the breeder my dad has worked with for about 25 years and gets his shutzhund dogs from... Kimbertal Kennels. Really nice dogs from here. When he started training in the 60's he used German sh.'s, but the amount of hip dysplasia in the group made it hard to keep the dogs going.
  4. I was talking to a friend the other day and he brought up that exact same point. Then it was visiting time was over and I had to leave the asylum.
  5. I feel persecuted, please help me.
  6. Probably wouldn't have made a difference. JVOR did I good job, and I was teh suck.
  7. You dogged me. You had me almost convinced I was the serial killer. Well done.
  8. Asked by the guy with the pink sombreo, pink tu tu and porn stashe.
  9. So now you you decide to start asking questions?
  10. Thats a good point. But you never investigated me. Your just saying you did because thats what the sk or scum do, they make up lies that seem like the truth. Your are really doing good at it. I investigated both guys and I gave the reasons why. You picked EY because you where afraid he would do the same thing he did to irish in the other game. Or you picked him because he would be the most obvious choice. You have no good reason. Just the same as anyone else. I got the Doc by accident but picked Norway because I figured it would not be the same as anyone. Providing me with more info rather than the same as anyone else. Classic Crusher reasoning. You could learn something from me.
  11. Yeah Crusher is laying down the mad wiform. Your getting very creative, Im almost hoping Norway picks me, your doing such a good job.
  12. OK, Let's just wait for Norway. He could read through this and ask us questions later.
  13. DUDE. Everyone in the game was a real cop. Except the serial killer. That would be you.
  14. Think for myself? I am thinking for myself. Myself could took awhile but was able to determine Bleedin wasn't lying he was just wrong. It was hard for me to do that. Besides I can;t write those fancy analysis like that, but I can read them, I read it and it tells me your guilty. Im not the greatest explainer, but look you'll see it.
  15. I know, but Norway and I have played together before and I usually get funny and aggressive when Im innocent. I usually get tricked and can't convince the last person to vote my way. Bleedin raped me on this. Your trying it to. You probably picked me on purpose. I would. Nothing personal. Outside the game I like you. Here your a lying little.... You know the rest.
  16. You must be the naive cop? Thats cute, I got all innocents too. So obviously you or are has to be the naive cop and the other one is the serial killer. Want to guess what one? You said its impossible that you got an innocent on me, it was impossible because you didn't. Your a SK not a cop. Im the naive cop.
  17. Originally Posted by Jets Voice of Reason I investigated crusher last night and got an innocent result...but that's impossible since I know Norway is innocent, BG was innocent, and i'm innocent. I must be the naive cop. And by process of elimination Crusher has to be guilty. Vote: Crusher
  18. What about your confession? Just ignore that and count that gem up to Crushers cerbral play and mind control? Your kinda silly for a serial killer. Sorta like Pee Wee Herman meets Son of Sam.
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