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  1. Happy birthday and a bountiful harvest.
  2. You really think Crusher has a hard time doing any task with his mouth full?
  3. DONE!!! Thanks to Johnny Hector for Sanchising Teh Crusher.
  4. Yeah because they are both invincible and having quality backups really suck.
  5. This is the reason men who participate in a bukake film should never binge on fruit loops the night before.
  6. Oh come one Slats, just won't be the same without your cerebral gymnastics.
  7. I think that sounds pretty cool. Help with my fix for some mafia. Im in.
  8. Here correct usage of the word sex and the playful manner in which she use it should get her a pass. The fact she compared food to sex makes Crusher concerned he may make a bad decision the next time in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. I will have to make sure I stay focused or their may be a rather large unsettling cleanup on aisle 5.
  9. No scum? No townies? The serial killer verses the cops then?
  10. Wait a minute, cereal isn't sex? Oh my God what have I done?
  11. Your hungry and nothing appeals to you? Any chance you could spar a unit of blood I could transfuse into myself. I need to catch that. I would love to own that skill. I could have eaten two bears and a giraffe and if a monkey walked by,, you guessed it, Monkey pot pie's for Crusher.
  12. I would have nicknamed you Macho Man. After one Macho Man Randy Savage. "Snap into a slim Jim"!!!!
  13. Maybe not Bugg, but snake thinks this is the perfect idea.
  14. What are you doing? Painting a dalmation white?
  15. Fair enough. I wish I had a fancy wise guy persona.
  16. Yikes. Have to agree, this needs to be handle and handled quickly. Happy your boy is ok, and prayers to the other family.
  17. CTM is a Pats fan? I knew it. That bastid.
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