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  1. Gotta root for the Cowboys next game. F-Cousins
  2. This Green Bay game is really good. Damn Carolina and going away lightly. That young QB is doing great. They show his parents, look like they are pooping their pants. Especially the Dad
  3. Watching it In Real time just like you. He’s in a terrible situation but he could still play better and honestly he should. That’s all.
  4. Green Bay in itself is a home field advantage. Those fans sitting in those high bleachers deserve every win they get.,
  5. 6th is a stretch. Maybe it can be conditional on weather he gets to a million likes.
  6. He migh and he would be wrong. After next Weeks game could be down to 2nd and a 3rd. Gotta strike when the iron is hot!
  7. Wow, what a horrible call against Carolina. Good damn these refs are cheating pricks. Dude literally sounded to not land on him.

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