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  1. Yep, right before back to back AFC championship appearances , it’s happening Cocky B, It’s happening.
  2. Joe Flacco Super Bowl MVP is disheartening to say the least. We honestly don’t deserve him.
  3. Yeag but you just wait till the game slows down for him and stuff.
  4. Flacco taking Sauce to school! “ Welcome to the team rook!”
  5. Facing a Superbowl MVP with a newly created high octane offehse isn’t easy. If they can stop Joe and this offense they can stop any team! Thank you Joe Flacco, thank you,
  6. Flacco, White,Steveler. Don’t shoot the messenger.
  7. Time has been kind to Joe Flacco, if you have it chilren, you have it. Dude hasn’t had an offense like this in a decade or more. Thank you. Joe Douglas. Thank you,
  8. Someone from the coaching staff pulled Joe to the side showed him a picture of his dog next to a wood chipper and said,” knock it off!”
  9. Corey Davis think Flacco throws a catchable ball. Even for him,
  10. You only like him because you guys are close to the same age It’s cool!
  11. I stopped listening to coach Saleh last week
  12. Uhhh, uhhhh When uhhh, did Zach look like the guy?
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