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  1. Next to Marino. They should re-name it the ring-less of honor.
  2. Actually I voted him to get him talking and I was the first. CTM jumping on it just seemed like he was trying to get on a vote early. but go ahead keep jumping from person to person for no real good reason. I'm sure no one will notice.
  3. Yes, matter of fact I may. Nice to see you getting into the groove here little sis. Glad you guys decided to give it another chance.
  4. Pac. CTM starting out voting for Pact Turd in the start of the game is as unusual as Crusher snatching a morsel off someone plate when their not looking. Yet him jumping on low lying fruit is rather interesting. I put this vote on Brett to see if I can;t get the newb to cough up a little something. I'm looking forward to Brett's response and I'm also interested at looking back at some of CTM's post. Not sure what you mean by sloppy Pac. Unless of course you follow that up with the word Joe. Then Im all over it.
  5. CTM is Pacs Teh Mafia crack. No hard he may try he cant help but want to take a puff.
  6. He decided against it. Said that last night.
  7. unvote vote brett Your newbie deer caught in the headlights act is getting a little old. No? Mr. I spy.
  8. never been a mod before but Im pretty sure that only happens when you SUCK at it.
  9. Doggin introduced that here in a cult game. I got to die for the sweet sweet Boopsie. It was very romantic.
  10. Thats a good point Smash. I just read the Wiki last night and that is something that stuck out to me when I read it. I do think because Vic is such a Lost fanatic that the Chilean Thundercat will have fun with this game, at our expense most likely. LOL The other thing to is though the man in Black is a very interesting charactor the Wiki says he really didn;t show up till a later season, I think 4th. This could lead to the possiblity he becomes more influential as the game go's on. I do think I will eventually start watching this series. Trying to decided what food would go best with it.
  11. I could have picked another but Chrebet was the first player both my sons latched onto when they first got interested in the Jets. My oldest actually wore the damn numbers off the first 80 jersey I got him. Plus Waynes toughness and rise from a walk on is an amazing story. Also the David and Goliath catch he made to win the Bucaneers game on Me-Shawns return just solidified his greatness as a Jet. Mr Thirdown is the man.
  12. I caught that too. Seems LT isn;t the only ex Charger on the team with something to prove. Nice to see the young kid fitting in right away aw well.
  13. Does it concern anyone else that thie guy who is going to stick his nose in their struggles with concussions and migraines?
  14. EY would be the Racoon- the only animal in the zoo smart enough to escape. Of course.
  15. Honestly it's like trading for a full time job. 3 month aged children are a ton of work. If it was like a 10 year old who could at least mow the lawn, walk the dog, or at least dress them damn selves might have been worth a Heiniken mini keg. I do hope they find a fitting home for the child and both of those parents(?) hurry up and die of an overdose.
  16. If the men here aren't lining up for you young lady then their a bunch of phags.
  17. Maybe. Though honestly, call me fat and desperate but I think the move to defensive end will do him some good. I really think this so please don;t try to talk me out of it. Thanx.
  18. Not to mention some of the best summer time eye candy EVER.
  19. If by love you mean something other than a no-fat yogurt desert. Yes, yes I do need love. Wanna see some porn baby? Crusher style. I would club two families of baby seals to death for a couple of those bad boys right now. Really. But no, fatty has to live freakin forever so I get tastless cold mush instead.
  20. He's also harmless and a generally nice guy. When he starts giving boxes of money to married woman he's tooling on the side we can have this conversation.
  21. Damn you DM chicks sure do talk alot.
  22. Breaking good new in the Brandon Marshall Hip injury.. Medicare approved the purchase of:
  23. Nice, like a high five and a kick in the groin all at the same time. Little sis is a multi-tasker.
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