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  1. So nice to see you being your charming self again sweet Boopsie.
  2. Hey little sis. You should come play Vic's LOST mafia goodness. He's a Chilean Thundercat, you know.
  3. This is something that really excites me for this season. Will LT play with a chip on his shoulder and become rejuvenated behind the number one offensive line in the league? Everything we read says he's working his butt off, even Big Jenks felt the need to give him props. J80. I see LT getting as many carries as he earns and can handle. Nothing wrong with him dominating the early games and then letting Shaun Greene loose to punish the already tired defense. Some of my favorite games are ones where C-Mart ran the defense tired and Lamont just ran thru people in the later quarters.
  4. That a little extreme. how about they have to report to the police station every morning to each be tased once for 3 months and no fast food for life. Wait. I guess hanging isn;t so bad.
  5. Thats funny. But I thought Cheech and Chong had it right. "Save the big fat funky whales, shoot the seals"
  6. I predict this will be an awesome game. Yet I can;t help but think it may slightly favor the mafia. You being a newly appointed Axis of evil member and all.
  7. I understand. Im just getting all excited. I've never enjoyed teh mafia goodness with a Chilean Thundercat modding. Oh no I haven't.
  8. Wow. You give us a ton of credit for being way more organized than we are. I think it's something close to yelling I'm next, I'm next. look forward to the day when we can run more than one game at a time.
  9. Exactly. Everything I have read makes me believe he is going to try and prove to all the naysayers that LT is back. Can;t wait. Besides, how ****ing cool is his visor going to look on his helmet? Oh yes.
  10. Vic I believe the game is full, should I stay up another hour and wait for my PM role? Hmmmm?
  11. Can you imagine if LT gains back a mere 70% of his previous form behind our monster O line? I personally don;t think the line misses a beat with Faneca gone. Brick and Mangold should be able to help whatever youngster that ends up their out. This is very exciting.
  12. Gots all kinda hunnies showing up. Vic you may write a thank you note to my sexy for rounding up da ladies.
  13. Dude you know your one of my favorite posters, but talking that way about cupcakes just doesn;t seem right to me. Just saying.
  14. Names I don't see, but should DanX JVOR INtegrity Teh Doggin Dpr Shutout? (great player, what happen) Sharrow Glad Vic's modding and not playing because The Chilean Thundercat will not be seeing day 2 for awhile. LOL
  15. Terrible. I think Jet fans should agree to biitch slap anyone in a Taylor jersey. Just seems right.
  16. Funny thing SMC, I didn;t even read this before posting it. I 100% agree. Matter fact i think it needs to be in my sig. LOL
  17. Really? To who? Just makes no sense. Unless theirs a much larger "Dancing with the stars" contingency in NY than I thought.
  18. Sorry to late. SMC is working on the update as we speak.
  19. Actually dude i think he was being facetious. I would be surprised if they sell a single one. Honestly? Who the hell would buy his jersey.
  20. Truth is Boopsie no need to not include me. I'm in a couple games their right now. I was considering making a permanent move from here to their, but I clicked on a football thread and got confused when they started talking about countries. Turns out it was a world Cup Soccer thread. Teh mafia goodness is very good their.
  21. Dude Vic does scum better than anyone other than Doggin. You came close to me kickin your ass. Would have nroke my heart to knock you out Boopsie. LOL
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