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  1. Names I don't see, but should DanX JVOR INtegrity Teh Doggin Dpr Shutout? (great player, what happen) Sharrow Glad Vic's modding and not playing because The Chilean Thundercat will not be seeing day 2 for awhile. LOL
  2. Terrible. I think Jet fans should agree to biitch slap anyone in a Taylor jersey. Just seems right.
  3. Funny thing SMC, I didn;t even read this before posting it. I 100% agree. Matter fact i think it needs to be in my sig. LOL
  4. Really? To who? Just makes no sense. Unless theirs a much larger "Dancing with the stars" contingency in NY than I thought.
  5. Sorry to late. SMC is working on the update as we speak.
  6. Actually dude i think he was being facetious. I would be surprised if they sell a single one. Honestly? Who the hell would buy his jersey.
  7. Truth is Boopsie no need to not include me. I'm in a couple games their right now. I was considering making a permanent move from here to their, but I clicked on a football thread and got confused when they started talking about countries. Turns out it was a world Cup Soccer thread. Teh mafia goodness is very good their.
  8. Dude Vic does scum better than anyone other than Doggin. You came close to me kickin your ass. Would have nroke my heart to knock you out Boopsie. LOL
  9. Throw a big brother a PM if you need a taste tester.
  10. Personally I find it hard to disagree with him. Guy is THAT good. lot of bums making his season base per game.
  11. Though 20 million was nuts, I think him getting only 1 million while Gholsto.... OK I'll stop. But seriously??
  12. I'm sorry. My mafia machismo was smashed less game, I feel like a fairy. Damn.... I'm gonna need a bigger set of wings.
  13. I have to wonder if thats what the manufacturer had in mind when they designed. "Pink Cheetah" stun guns, PERFECT when those mother****ers at Wendy's can't count. Now with the no slip anti-greasey fingers grip.
  14. I have never been so absolutely lost in a mafia game before. That's saying alot. I could honestly say I didn;t expect a single mafia player. None.
  15. The owners should show that video when Mawae complains he doesn;t have any offers.
  16. OMG princess. Not like you really do much till end game.
  17. 1. no alts they suck 2. start whenever you like Im in
  18. I actually thought about that. but can;t seem to find a cool pair of those little elf boots in a size 13 1/2. Bummer.
  19. Actually you referred to him as a dwarf that sings about dungeons and dragons.. Holy Diver > Johnny Hector.
  20. Heres a thought you look like grandpa from the Munsters in your pic.
  21. To be honest. I think most of these list are made to get people to react than actually giving an honest opinion. I mean as far as I know Saints and Colts haven;t really lost many players except of course the Colts lost Freeney. Yet San Diego lost a boat load of players? Kinda reminds me of taking my mom to the race track and her picking horses by our birthdays instead of reading the racing form.
  22. I understand that we are all caught up in the Dolphins ahead of the Jets. But did anyone else notice the Saints are even in the top5? Nor are the Colts. Yet San Diego is? Dumb list.
  23. Right now Quincy Carter is breathing a sigh of relief.
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