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  1. To be honest Im not sure their is much nastier than a gray haired covered man boob that hangs down to a dudes belly button. I can never understand why they are in the gym. The gym is for skinny in shape bodybuilder types and fatties like myself trying to not have a another heart attack. You can;t fix hanging old hairy nasty ****ing skin that has lost all it's elaticity twenty years ago. Go walk a dog or malk wall. Just keep you damn clothes on, please. Makes my fat azz so depressed I start thinking Ms Crusher is trying to trick me into thinking I should eat less and be more active so we can grow old together. Maybe mid 50's heart attack ain;t such a bad thing. Either that or maybe losing your sight as an old person is not such a bad thing either. I will stop here and not talk about drunking anteaters, but if need dammmit, I will.
  2. What a damn shame. Guy was one of the best ever without a single doubt.
  3. Thank you sperm. This makes me feel alot better. "Hey wait, thats my wifes line".
  4. Not sure. Maybe cause she's not too bright and accidently stuck a ring binder in her right nostril?
  5. Revis has been about the money since day 1. He held out as a rookie, no doubt Ty Law mentoring him contributed to that. He is good enough to deserve to get paid more than any other DB in the league. No doubt. But just because he asked for it doesn;t mean he'll get it. This is going to be a long process and everytime another Jet, ie. Mangold talks about wanting to get his money you will here more Revis stuff. Sad thing is, Mangold contract is already up and he desrves to get extended as much as Revis. Yet Revis is the one already threatening to hold out with one REAL year left on his contract.
  6. I don't understand this thread. Revis is under contract for next year with the option to buy back the last two years. He plays next year, the year after no NFL because of the labor lockout and the year after that the world ends. Easy, nothing to worry about.
  7. Not if someone spilt barbecue sauce, then it's recycling.
  8. I love fat jokes, on the web and real life. Sometimes I crack jokes on my self in real life and another fatty gets all boo booed face because they must relate. Personally I think the fat bastard should go take a jog if it bothers them. Being fat ain't for everybody, only the sexy people.
  9. I was drunk, give a big brother a break.
  10. I love fat jokes. Truth is I went back and didn;t see it.
  11. Yeah but I get you can still suck a mean diick. . NOTE: If Tommy happens to be a sensitive type or a female I apologize. If not, **** you Tommy.
  12. Truth is I don't really like Mexican food. My kids love Chipotle, I freaking hate it. As long as it's not North vs South and I have to decide between Fried Chicken and Chicken Parm. I'll be ok.
  13. If you pulled your head out of your azz you see that Ted Ginn no longer plays for the Dolphins.
  14. Seems the Phins were'nt quite as impressed as you where. Parcells: Ted your gone Ted: What? Parcells: you can;t catch Ted: I burnt Darelle Revis Parcells: ****ing once Ted: The fans are impressed Parcells: The fans are retarded. Ted: True
  15. Why acting so green? Man you wish you had a secondary that was worth asking for more money before their contract was up.
  16. Nice post Fatty. Thats 100% spot on and thats why talk of letting Ellis go or trading him makes me sick. Though Im thinking it may have been a pre-draft thing and we would have used the pick to replace him. As it is now he needs to stay where he is.
  17. No way. I wish we where rated lower. I hate it when people start putting us as front runners, it's unnatural, like Crusher saying no to seconds. Let them biitches diss us, then we can slug them in the mouth this season.
  18. Fred and I agree. RIP
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